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Valentine’s Day Serenades

Buy the traditional Valentine Roses and give it a cute twist by adding Teddies to the mix. Order Valentine's Day Roses with Teddy from MyFlowerApp and we will deliver anywhere in India within 3 hours and free shipping.

Flawless Love

Bunch of 6 Pink Roses in a pink paper wrap and pink ribbon with 5 Cadbury Chocolates (13gm each) & 6 inch Cute Soft toy.


Product Contains:

- 6 Pink Roses in paper packing
- 5 Cadbury dairy milk
- Teddy Bear 6 inches


15 Red Roses, 6 inches of Teddy Bear and 2 Dairymilk Silk Chocolates of 60 gm.

Product Contains:

- 15 Red Roses in cellophane packing
-  2 Dairy milk silk
- Teddy Bear 6 inches

Choco Teddy Basket

Whether it is Rakshabandhan or Valentine’s Day, our special basket loaded with 8 Cadbury chocolates, 8 red roses and a cute red-white teddy tied up in a ribbon can pull up an instant smile on your special one’s face

Product Contains:

- 8 Cadbury Dairy Milk of 12.5gm
- 8 Red Roses
- 1 6" Teddy
- 1 Round basket

Roses N Teddy

Heart shape arrangement of 17 Red Roses & Soft toy with green fillers


Product Contains:

- 17 Red Roses in a Heart Shape Arrangement

- 1 Soft Teddy 


Love Divine

8 red roses bunch with 5 dairy milk chocolates and 6″ teddy.


Product Contains:

- 8 Red Roses in red paper packing
- 5 Cadbury dairy milk chocolate
- Teddy Bear 6 inches


10 Pink Rose, Cadbury Celebrations 141.5 gm, Teddy Bear 6 inches, Pink Wrapping.

Product Contains:

- 10 Pink Roses in paper packing
- Cadbury Celebrations 141.5 gm
- Teddy Bear 6 inches



Treat your beloved on this Valentine’s Day with our celebration pack from Cadbury along with a 6" cute white teddy bear and a bunch of 6 freshly picked-up red roses wrapped in a Red paper.

Product Contains:

- 6 Red Roses in Red Paper Wrapping.
- 1 Cadbury Celebration.
- One 6" Teddy

Bedazzled by Him

15 Red Roses Basket Arrangement with Teddy, one delightful Chocolate Cake of 500 gm and one Dairymilk Silk Chocolate of 60 gm.

Product Contains:

- 15 red roses in a basket arrangement
- 1 Cadbury dairy milk silk
- Teddy Bear 6 inches
- Half kg chocolate cake

Love Basket With Teddy

Designer arrangement of red roses with cute teddy.


Product Contains:

- Red Roses in Designer Arrangement

- 1 Teddy


Emotion Explosion

12 Yellow Roses, Teddy Bear 6 inches, Ferrero Rocher 16 pcs., Yellow Paper Packing, Yellow Ribbon.

Product Contains:

- 12 yellow roses in yellow paper packing
- 16pcs Ferrero Rocher
- Teddy Bear 6 inches

Lovely Combo

10 red roses, two bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate, two bars of 5 Star Chocolate, a greeting card, and a white teddy.

Product Contains:

- 10 Red Roses
- 2 Cadbury Dairy Milk n two 5 Star Chocolate.
- Greeting Card
- A White Teddy

Radiant Rage

Designer arrangement of red roses and 2 teddies.


- Red Roses in a Designer Arrangement

- 2 Teddy


You N Me

Basket arrangement of 12 Red roses with 2 cute soft toys, 2 yellow Asiatic lilies wrapped in yellow paper packing in a basket.


Product Contains:

- 12 Red Roses & 2 Yellow Asiatic Lilies wrapped in a Yellow Paper

- 2 Cute Teddy

- A Basket

Loving Heart

1 small teddy, 20 Red Roses and 1 Yellow Asiatic Lily flower arrangement of Heart Shape.

Product Contains:

- One 6" Teddy
- 20 Red roses, 1 yellow Asiatic lily Arrangement


Glamorous  Combo

A beautiful bouquet of 8 yellow roses with paper packing, 1 Teddy Bear of 6 inches, 5 Dairy milk Chocolates of 12 gm each.

Product Contains:

- 10 yellow Roses in yellow paper packing
- 5 Cadbury dairy milk chocolate
- Teddy Bear 6 inches


Joy Forever

Bunch of 15 Red Roses in a paper packing With 6inch Soft toy, 500gm Truffle Cake & 5 Cadbury chocolate (14gm each). 


Product Contains:

- 15 Red Roses in red paper packing
- 5 Cadbury dairy milk chocolate
- Teddy Bear 6 inches
- Half kg chocolate truffle cake

Caring Heart

8 red roses bunch with 6″teddy.


Product Contains:

- 8 Red Roses

- 1 Teddy


Eternal Romance

Tall arrangement of red roses with 6″ teddy.


Product Contains:

- A Tall Arrangement of Red Roses

- 1 Teddy



Designer arrangement of red roses with cute teddy.


Product Contains:

- Red Roses in a Designer Arrangement

- 1 Teddy


Unforgettable Moments

4 feet colourful flower arrangement and teddy.


Product Contains:

- A Beautiful Flower Arrangement

- 1 Teddy




Send Your Love with the Gentle Valentine’s Day Roses n Teddy

Loving someone is as easy as falling. The hurdle is expressing that love. If you too are facing a similar struggle, or are just looking for something that says ‘I Love You’, the most obvious solution is roses. Red roses signify true love and deep passion, while pink roses signify a crush. Include a romantic message with a dozen roses, and there can be nothing more unambiguous than that. If you wish to do something more than the standard Valentine's Day roses, get a heart-shaped arrangement, or a huge bouquet of mixed roses, and add a teddy to the combo.

Get A Cute Cuddly Teddy For When She Misses You With MyFlowerApp

A teddy bear is a friend that is always there for you. Present such a friend to your love, this Valentine's Day. Whenever she misses you, she will have that cuddly, fuzzy baby filled with your love for her. If you are far from her, get this huggable buddy delivered to her doorstep within 3 hours with MyFlowerApp’s express delivery services. You can begin the day with a bang, by sending your love to your lady love with midnight delivery of Valentine’s Day Roses with Teddy, i.e., double the fun! Both the things she will love, on the day of love.

Buy These Adorable Valentine’s Day Roses with Teddy Combos for Your Cute Valentine

What is better than Valentine's Day, to express your love for your soul mate? Take this opportunity to let your girlfriend in another city know you miss her, remind your wife of your undying love, or ask your crush out finally. We will deliver your love to her, anywhere in India and abroad. The standard gift for Valentine's Day – roses, combined with a cuddly bear for her, and a romantic message from you, like “No matter where I went, I always knew my way back to you. You are my compass star.” Select from our wide range of assorted Valentine’s Day Teddy and Roses like Flawless Love or Love Divine, and we guarantee:
  • Best gifts, flowers, chocolates, and combos for her
  • Delivery anywhere in India and abroad
  • All packages in pristine condition
  • Secured Payment gateways and User-friendly website
  • Midnight, same day, and express delivery services
  • Top, economical prices for all products
  • Professional flower delivery and free shipping anywhere in India
  • Fresh, handpicked flowers
  • Express delivery within 3 hours anywhere in India
  • Helpful customer care support round the clock

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