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Valentine’s Day Chocolates

There is nothing better than love unless it is the love of your life with chocolates. Celebrate Cupid’s Holiday by getting online delivery of MyFlowerApp’s Valentine's Day Chocolates for your sweetheart and get them delivered anywhere in India.

Money Plant with Cadbury Celebrations

Product Contains:

- Money Plant in Black Pot

- Cadbury Celebrations

Lovely Gift Hampers

Product Contains:

- 12 Red Rose

- Red packing Paper

- Red Ribbon

- 300 grams Ferrero Rocher chocolates

Lucky Bamboo with Kit Kat Chocolates

Product Contains:

- Plant Type - Lucky Bamboot

- 8 Nestle Kit Kat Chocolates - 12 gms each

- White Raffia

Sweet Roses N Chocolates

Product Contains:

- 10 Mix Roses wrapped in cellophane

- 5 Dairy Milk Chocolates (13 Gms)

Love Sweets - Red Roses And Chocolates

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 12 Red Roses

- 2 Nestle KitKat

Choco Lovers Delight

10 Kit Kat Chocolate in a tissue paper very nicely wrapped with Matching bow tie on it.

Product Contains:

- 10 Kit Kat Chocolate
-  Yellow tissue paper packing


Delightful Flower

1 Lovely bunch of 6 Red carnations,  1 Cute Teddy Bear of 6 inches ,  1 Silk ChocolatesProduct Contains:

- 6 Red carnations bunch.
- A 6" Teddy
- 1 Dairy milk silk

Glamorous  Combo

A beautiful bouquet of 8 yellow roses with paper packing, 1 Teddy Bear of 6 inches, 5 Dairy milk Chocolates of 12 gm each.

Product Contains:

- 10 yellow Roses in yellow paper packing
- 5 Cadbury dairy milk chocolate
- Teddy Bear 6 inches


Bedazzled by Him

15 Red Roses Basket Arrangement with Teddy, one delightful Chocolate Cake of 500 gm and one Dairymilk Silk Chocolate of 60 gm.

Product Contains:

- 15 red roses in a basket arrangement
- 1 Cadbury dairy milk silk
- Teddy Bear 6 inches
- Half kg chocolate cake

Joy Forever

Bunch of 15 Red Roses in a paper packing With 6inch Soft toy, 500gm Truffle Cake & 5 Cadbury chocolate (14gm each). 


Product Contains:

- 15 Red Roses in red paper packing
- 5 Cadbury dairy milk chocolate
- Teddy Bear 6 inches
- Half kg chocolate truffle cake

Basket Full of Chocolate

Whether it’s a birthday or Rasksha Bandhan, express your love for that person with this beautifully crafted basket loaded with Basket Arrangement of 2 Bournville Chocolates (31 Gms Each), 2 Kit Kat Chocolates (37 Gms Each), 4 Temptation Chocolates (72 Gms Each) and 1 Cadbury Rich Dry Fruits (132 Gms) and more.


Product Contains:

- 2 Bournville Chocolates, 2 Kit Kat Chocolates, 4 Temptation Chocolates and 1 Cadbury Rich Dry Fruits

- A Basket


Perfect Choco Flower Combo

A glass vase arrangement of red and white roses decorated with Cadbury dairy milk and five-star chocolates.

Product Contains:

- Square Glass Vase (4 x 6 Inches)
- Red Roses -6
- White Roses - 3
- Dark Pink Roses - 3
- Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates - 5 (12.5 grams each)
- Cadbury Five Star Chocolates - 2 (21.5 grams)


Love Divine

8 red roses bunch with 5 dairy milk chocolates and 6″ teddy.


Product Contains:

- 8 Red Roses in red paper packing
- 5 Cadbury dairy milk chocolate
- Teddy Bear 6 inches

Heavenly Treat

Mix Chocolates in a Vase.

Product Contains:

- 2 Twix Chocolate 50gm
- 2 Snickers Chocolate 50gm
- 2 Mars Chocolate 51gm
- 2 Nestle KitKat Chocolate 12gm
- 2 Cadbury Five Star Chocolate 21.5gm
- Red and Yellow Paper Packaging

Chocolaty Delight

31 delectable Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates are arranged beautifully.

Product Contains:

- Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates - 31 (12.5 grams)

Tender Touch

8 red carnations with 2 Toblerone chocolates.

Product Contains:

- 8 Red Carnations
- 2 Toblerone 


Charm of Flowers

8 mix carnation bunch with Cadbury temptation chocolates.

Product Contains:

- 8 mix carnation
- 2 Cadbury temptation


Cute Choco Vase

5pc Ferrero Rocher and teddy in a glass vase.

Product Contains:

- Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 5 pcs.
- Glass Vase Square 4x4 Inches
- Yellow and Red Paper Packaging
- White & Red Teddy Bear


A colorful bunch of lilies, carnations, and roses with 16 pcs Ferrero Rocher chocolate box.

Product Contains:

- 4 lilies, 6 carnations, 6 red roses. in blue paper packing.
- 16pcs Ferrero Rocher


Dairy Milk & Eclairs Arrangement

Product Contains:

- 42 Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates and Cadbury Chocolairs Gold - 45 are arranged around three Round Shaped Thermocols to form a three-storied chocolate building.



Send Your Love Wrapped In Delicious Valentine's Day Chocolates

Chocolate is a luxury that has so many things wrapped in it: deliciousness at the moment, childhood memories, that grin-inducing feeling of getting a reward for being good, and your love in its delectable sweetness. This Valentine's Day, send a gift to your beloved that delights and whose taste remains with them for a long time afterward. Select from a wide range of delish chocolates designed in gorgeous styles, along with their favorite flowers, cakes, or gifts and send them to your soul mate, anywhere around the globe.

Sweeten up Your Love’s Day by Getting Them These Gourmet Valentine's Day Chocolates Online

Life is like a box of chocolates – best when shared with someone you love. So this Valentine's Day, get the love of your life, one these mouth-watering chocolates and make your special moments together, even sweeter. Add to the box, a romantic poem, or a cute message like, “Even the finest chocolate loses half its pleasure if you are not here to share it. Happy Valentine's Day honey!” You can get your girlfriend, her favorite Ferrero Rocher box, or make the gift more romantic with flowers and chocolate combos like ‘Roses Heart Full Of Chocolates’. Add your husband’s favorite cake to the combo, or include a personalized gift for wife along with them. Whatever you are looking for, to make this Valentines perfect for your sweetheart, you will find them all with MyFlowerApp’s Valentine's Day Chocolates.

Send Chocolates to Your Love on the Other Side of the Country

Being apart on Cupid’s day is probably the worst for most couples, especially if you are still in your honeymoon phase. MyFlowerApp will help you celebrate Valentine's Day 2019 with your darling. Simply select their favorite Valentine's gifts from our notable repertoire and we will deliver them anywhere in India and overseas. Shipping in all cities in India is free including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Gurgaon, and Bangalore. We can also deliver your love, and Valentine's Day Chocolates in most other countries including Sweden, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, France, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United States, and more. Wherever you are, no matter how far from your lover you may be, celebrate your love together, with the modern means of internet and online delivery.

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