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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day – the day of love! Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another. Make the day extra special for your significant other and celebrate your love together, and let MyFlowerApp play Cupid for you.

The Story and Facts of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine was originally a Western Christian feast day, commemorating the Saints named Valentinus. It became associated with romance and love, later on. People in Ancient Rome celebrated 14 February as Feast of Lupercalia, an archaic rite connected to fertility. Valentine's Day became famous only after Chaucer wrote the famous ‘lovebirds’ poem pertaining to Valentine's Day in the 14th century, “Parlement of Foules”.
According to stories, Roman emperor Claudius imprisoned Saint Valentine of Rome for performing weddings for soldiers and for ministering to Christians. During his imprisonment, Claudius tried to convert him to Roman paganism while Valentine tried to convert the emperor to Christianity, which earned him a death sentence. It is said, that his jailer’s daughter, a young beautiful lady, Julia, was blind since birth, and Valentine with his prayers and his love for her, cured her, a day before his execution. After his death, his cured lover planted a pink-blossomed almond tree near his grave – which became the symbol of abiding love. His last letter to Julia ended with ‘Your Valentine’, which set the trend of asking your love interest to be your Valentine in the modern times. Even the young Roman men used St. Valentine’s romantic themes to write letters to young women, often invoking his name to commune affection.
Ever since; sending romantic letters and flowers became the norm for the day. In the 1840s, Esther A. Howland initiated sales of the off-the-rack valentines in America. While handmade greeting cards were popular before that, but after this, companies began mass-producing cards, and today, approximately 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year.

Valentine Day Gifts for Your Love

This day can often be a test for couples. MyFlowerApp is here to help you from feeling as if your emotions are a chore. Make your day special and beautiful, for both of you, with our dependable services. Shower your Valentine with love, and buy flowers, chocolates, and romantic gifts for them, easily, while sitting at home. Simply select their favorites or choose something from our notable repertoire, that you know, they would love and leave the rest to us. We will arrange your bouquets, vases, bunches, or floral arrangements, in artistic designs that your SO will love, featuring fresh blooms, professionally handpicked and set by expert florists. If you are far from them, we will get your love delivered to them, anywhere in India. You can decide from our various delivery time slots, and get the surprise delivered at a time, that will suit you both, best. Select romantic red roses, set in gorgeous designs and in amorous combos like Flowers n Chocolates, Roses n Cakes, and so on, or send cuddly teddy bears, and personalized gifts to make your special moments, eternal. You will find a large assortment in our Valentine Day Gifts range like cushions, soft toys, key chains, photo frames, and many more. Select one, and send them to your love, anywhere in the country or outside. Your love will reach your soul mate on time with our express and same-day delivery services. You can also opt for midnight delivery service if you are planning a special surprise, and we will be knocking on your door at the correct time. You can also leave special instructions for our delivery executive or our florists, and they will help you make the present special for your love.

Valentine Gifts for Him/her From MyFlowerApp

Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning. Shower that special someone with love and affection this Valentine's Day, by sending romantic Valentine Gifts online to them, with MyFlowerApp. Remind them of a certain eternal moment between you, with personalized cushions or photo frames, or send them their favorite chocolates to sweeten the bond between you two, or go with the Valentine fundamentals – Red Roses. You can also send them both, with our Roses n Chocolates bouquets and baskets. For those with a sweet tooth, buy their favorite Heart-Shaped Cakes, Photo Cakes, Designer Cakes, Premium Cakes, 2-Tier and 3-Tier Cakes, 5 Star Cakes, Cupcakes and more in all their favorite flavors, like chocolates, red velvet, pineapple, vanilla, mango, and so on. If your partner is diabetic or watching their calorie intake, buy them our healthy Sugar-Free Cakes. After all, why give up on what you love, on the day of love? Remind your darling that you love their hobbies and interests too with MyFlowerApp’s Theme Cakes, Cartoon Cakes, and Barbie Cakes.
If you want to send flowers to your love, but want to do something different from the standard 10 Roses bouquet, you can peruse through our Valentine Flowers range. Buy roses in heart designs, floral number arrangements, alphabet arrangements, red carnations, orchids, lilies, gerberas, exotic flowers, or bouquets, vases, baskets of mixed flowers, and more stunning floral arrangements designed by expert florists and artisans. If you are unsure of which variety of flowers to send, you can go with our staple pink flowers and red flowers ranges, or buy them in their favorite color like, yellow flowers, white flowers, blue flowers, purple flowers, and so on.
If you are leaning towards gifts more, explore our Valentine Gifts for Her or Him and select from our expansive selections. You can get them their favorite cuddly soft toys, furry or photo cushions, key chains with your pictures, or other personalized gifts that will remind them of you every moment. Even if you are ordering at the last possible minute, we will deliver them for you, anywhere in India within 3 hours, with our express delivery services, and free shipping.

Special Surprise for Wife/Girlfriend with MyFlowerApp

Tell the most beautiful woman in your life that you love her to the moon and back, with MyFlowerApp’s Valentine gifts and collections. Buy her favorite chocolates, or fill her room with teddy bears of all shapes and sizes, send gorgeous arrangements of her favorite flowers to her, or make the surprise personal with our personalized Valentine's Day gifts. Give her a different surprise this year, with our ‘Room Full Of Teddy’ or ‘Room Full Of Roses’ gifts. We will deliver numerous teddy bears of all sizes – big and small, that will fill her room, or abundant roses and Rose arrangements to decorate her room. Just imagine the look on her face when she returns home from a tedious day of work and finds your love sprinkled all around the room for her in this way.
Propose to your girlfriend on this special day with one of the special Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend. Or finally ask your crush out, with MyFlowerApp’s unique products like ‘I Love You’ floral arrangements, Teddies Bouquets, Rose Heart Full Of Chocolates, Valentines Cupcakes, Heart-Shaped Roses Arrangements, ‘Be My Valentine’ combos and so many more. Surprise your wife with a midnight delivery of her favorite Flowers n Teddy combo or with one of the exciting Valentine Gifts for Wife.
If you want to do something different, if your girl absolutely loves grand gestures, maybe you are planning an elaborate proposal, or if she just loves movies a lot - we have something for you. With our special product range like ‘Musical Charm’, you can literally serenade your girl, like it was a scene out of the movies, even if you cannot sing. When you book this, a proficient guitarist will go to your girl, bringing along with him, flowers and more, and he will sing any song you choose, to convey the exact emotions you want conveying. Whether you wish to give your romantic moments tender background music, or you cannot be there and wish to give your sweetheart the best Valentine’s Day, even in your absence, we will help you out in every scenario. Simply select one of our combos, select a song that expresses your love perfectly, or maybe a song that has a special meaning to her or both of you, and our guy will reach the destination and help you woo your guy, in a way that is straight out of the movies.

Express Your Love for Your Husband/Boyfriend This Valentine's Day

Every Valentine's Day, the men usually plan elaborate surprises and lavish gifts, for the women they love. Well, ladies, how about we spin the day about and surprise them for a change, this time around? Bring a different tenor to Valentine's Day by sending Valentine Gifts to your Boyfriend with MyFlowerApp’s trusty services. Our Valentine Gifts for Him range includes an expansive selection of beer mugs, funny shot glasses, personalized cushions, aprons, key chains, photo frames, and so much more. Make it personal with our customizable products, and include pictures of your lovely moments and make them eternal for you. If your honey is a chocolate-lover, get him chocolates, chocolate cakes, chocolate bouquets, Ferrero Rocher Tree, Basket of Assorted Chocolates, and other sundry delights.
If he is of a more romantic and sensitive nature, make the surprise lovey-dovey, by decorating his room with roses with our ‘Room full of Roses’ package, in which you get a room decorated completely with more than 500 Roses and Rose arrangements, or get him elegant and huge heart-shaped floral arrangement, and other similar romantic gifts. Just hop on to the MyFlowerApp ride, and make the day beautiful for him. If you are still unsure what to get your hubby, surf through our Valentine Gifts for Husband range, and get him something that will reiterate your love for him.

Valentine's Gift Delivery Anywhere In India and Overseas

With MyFlowerApp, you can rest assured of safe delivery of your Valentine's Gift online, ensuring fresh flowers and cakes, and all your gifts in a spick and span condition. Send your love anywhere in India with assured free shipping everywhere and guarantee of delivery in any city within 3 hours with express delivery services. We also cover overseas countries like Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, US, UK, Canada, UAE, Australia, Germany, South Africa, and France.
With MyFlowerApp, you will definitely receive:
  • Midnight, same day, and express delivery services
  • Customizable Valentine's Day cakes
  • Romantic gifts, flowers, and more
  • Fresh, handpicked flowers and professional flower delivery
  • Delivery anywhere in India and abroad
  • Best, reasonable prices for all products and free shipping in India
  • Personalized Valentine gifts and combos
  • Secured Payment gateways and user-friendly website
  • Helpful customer care support round the clock

Valentine Week

Love is in the air as soon as February begins. See what every day celebrates, and make the whole month extra special for your darling.
As Valentine's week begins, Rose Day helps, set the scene, with the presentation of roses according to their symbolism to our dear ones. A Red Rose expresses love, while a pink rose symbolizes friendship or a crush – an easy way out of any possible embarrassing situations, and yellow roses are for friendship. Buy them all from MyFlowerApp’s Rose Day gifts range and send to all the important people in your life.
For those who wish to take their relationships to the next stage, Propose Day is for you. Confess your love to your crush, ask him to be your boyfriend, or propose to your long-time girlfriend to be your partner forever with a lavish wedding proposal. Pop the question, with an elaborately planned perfect date and a gift from MyFlowerApp’s extensive Propose Day gift range!
All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. The 3rd day of Valentine's week is the favorite of chocolate lovers – Chocolate Day. Sweeten the bond between you and let your dearly loved ones know how much you love them, by sending them chocolates online with MyFlowerApp and their Chocolate Days gifts.
Express your affection through cute, cuddly, plushy teddies, on the 4th day of Valentine’s week – Teddy Day with MyFlowerApp’s Teddy Day gift range. You will be her first thought as she wakes up, and the last every night as she falls asleep holding these fluffy, soft teddy bears.
This 11 February, the 5th day of Valentine's week, make a promise to your love, on Promise Day. Swear to abide by everlasting love and inseparableness, and seal the promise with one of these adorable Promise Day gifts from MyFlowerApp.
Sometimes it is better to put love into hugs than to put it into words. This Hug Day, let all your dear ones – your parents, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, or any other important person know how much they mean to you by hugging them tightly. Send your hugs and love far away too, with online Hug Day gifts by MyFlowerApp.
The best feeling in the world is kissing someone for the first time when you have really wanted to kiss him or her for a long time. So, on the day before Valentine's, kiss your love, tell your crush “Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back” and seal your love between your lips. Celebrate Kiss Day with your love or send amazing Kiss Day gifts to your special someone, far from you, with MyFlowerApp.

Valentine's Day (14th February)

Finally, here it is – the most-awaited day of the month, Valentine's Day. Send lavish gifts, cakes, chocolates, flowers, and combos to your sweetheart at midnight, or with express delivery, and make their day extra special. Celebrate love in all shapes, sizes, and forms, with MyFlowerApp’s Valentine Day Gifts.

Anti-Valentine Week

Now that Valentine's week is done, those who are single should not feel bad. Do not pretend, as it does not hurt. Instead, go out, forget, and move on. This is definitely easier said than done. That is why this week is for you – after the week for couples, comes the day for singles and broken ups. Cupid’s work is still not done here. So dive in, celebrate the anti-Valentine week, and maybe fall in love again or at least buy some amazing gifts for yourself with MyFlowerApp.

Happy Slap Day (15th February)

The day after Valentine's, have fun with your friends, fool around, and slap away the past relationships that only bring you hurt and pain. Send funny gifts and messages to all dear to you, forget the bad, and get ready for some good to enter your life, finally this Slap Day. Instead of waiting for someone, be the one who makes you happy, gift yourself some flowers and chocolates from MyFlowerApp, and see how much happier you are.

Happy Kick Day (16th February)

Kick away the pain and the bitter memories of your past relationship, the sorrows, sadness, and failed relations, but do not kick away hope. On the 2nd day of Anti-Valentine week, live life on your own terms and do not apologize for being single. Kick away the toxic relationship and be free to enjoy your life with your friends and family – those who truly love you. Binge on chocolates and cake, this Kick Day from MyFlowerApp, and just relish in the freedom.

Happy Perfume Day (17th February)

If you are single, and have been crushing on someone since forever, but could not muster up the courage to propose to him or her yet, rejoice on Perfume Day. This 17 February, gift perfume, or aromatic flowers to the one whose thoughts keep you up at night, and let them know you adore them. MyFlowerApp has an extensive range of the same, for you.

Happy Flirting Day (18th February)

You are single and ready to mingle, so go out, and flirt to your heart’s content. Tell your crush that you are available and interested by sending them pink roses, or cute combos as a sign of your adoration. Along with your gift, write a flirty message, and finally, make a move on Flirting Day. This day is for you, to flirt with the girls or boys, and do as you please, and send your affection with MyFlowerApp.

Happy Confession Day (19th February)

Are you keeping a secret from your significant other? Or maybe you have been unable to tell your crush how you really feel? This is the day for you, then. Confess your love, or your dearly kept secret, this Confession Day, and let it all out. A confession paves your way to new beginnings and better lives, after all. Say sorry to your love or confess your love to your crush by sending flowers, chocolates, and your heartfelt emotions, online with MyFlowerApp.

Happy Missing Day (20th February)

If you are far from your loved one this Missing Day, or you are missing your ex, this is the day for letting them know. With MyFlowerApp, send a message to your dear one, along with their favorite flowers, chocolates, cakes, or a gift to remind them of you, this 20 February, with MyFlowerApp.

Happy Breakup Day (21st February)

If your current relationship is getting toxic day-by-day, and you feel like you are drowning, take this Breakup Day as an opportunity, and break it off today. As Elsa said, let it go. Do not cling to the past wrongs and the pain, move ahead and above it so that you can one day; once again, find happiness, love, and content. Or if you are going through a painful breakup already, buy some chocolates for yourself, remember the sweet, and forget about the bitter. Maybe, get yourself a flower vase, and break it instead of your ex’s head to let out your frustration.

Valentine Month Gifts for Your Love

19th Feb – Confession DayFlawless Love, Emotion Explosion
Valentine Month DayGifts Suitable for The Occasion
7th Feb – Rose Day Basket Full of Love, Red & Pink Roses Heart
8th Feb – Propose Day Be My Valentine, Symbol of Love, Pink Love
9th Feb – Chocolate Day 3 Tier Choco Pop Cake, Basket Full of Chocolate
10th Feb – Teddy Day Teddy Basket, Room Full Of Teddy, Teddies Bouquet
11th Feb – Promise Day Rose Heart Full of Chocolate, Roses N Greeting Card
12th Feb – Hug Day Love cushion, Cute Gift, Heart Shaped Fur Cushion
13th Feb – Kiss Day Say it with a Kiss, Kiss Me Truffle Cake
14th Feb – Valentine's Day I Love You Flower Arrangement, Unlimited Love
15th Feb – Slap Day Slap away the negative vibes from your life with sweet chocolates and fragrant flowers
16th Feb – Kick Day Kick the deadweight relationships and sit back and relax with chocolate n Cake combos
17th Feb – Perfume Day Mystic Elegance, Perfect Romance, Alluring
18th Feb – Flirting Day Height of Fondness, Vivid Adoration
20th Feb – Missing Day Untouched Emotions, Basket of Surprise
21st Feb – Break Up Day Celebrate the termination of toxic love with Mix Anthurium in a Vase
22nd Feb – Love is Born Again Alphabet flower love, Choco Teddy Basket, Rocher and Roses, 5 Star Chocolate Truffle Cake

Will the flowers I order be fresh?

MyFlowerApp prides itself on providing only the best to its customers. All our floral arrangements, bouquets, bunches, and vases contain only professionally handpicked, garden fresh blooms, set in designs of your choice by experts artisans and florists. Moreover, all our cakes are fresh too and all your gifts will reach you or your loved ones in immaculate condition, with our professional express delivery services.

How long will it take my order to reach its destination?

It all depends on the delivery service you opted for:
  • If you chose express delivery, your product will reach anywhere in India within 3 hours, unless there are dire conditions to stop the same.
  • For same day delivery, your present will reach its intended location within the time slot mentioned in your receipt.
  • Our executive will be at your doorstep with your midnight delivery at any time from 11.30-11.59 pm
  • Customizable New Year cakes and more
  • Your early morning surprise can reach you, anywhere from 8.00 am to 11.00 am in the morning.
  • For Fixed Time Delivery, you choose from our specific time slots, and we deliver your package within that time, no questions asked.

Can I send a greeting card along with my gifts?

Of course! We have special Valentine greeting cards in our various combos and available in our add-ons as well. You can easily send a heartfelt message along with your flowers, chocolates, cakes, teddies, and more.

Should I only send Roses on Valentine's Day?

Well, Red Roses are the best and a sure shot way of letting someone know that you love them, however, you can definitely send other flowers too. If your relationship is still in the earlier stages, send your partner red carnations with a message of your devotion to them. Lilies are a tasteful and elegant choice too. Send them if you think your SO will like them. Red Chrysanthemums also portray fiery passion and romance. If you are sure they will like it, you can also send Orchids to your darling, as they not only suggest love, beauty, luxury, and strength but also send the implication of exotic seduction. And if you know your partner well, send them their favorite flowers and let them know that you remember everything about them. You will find them all, here, at MyFlowerApp.

Can I make my significant other’s day even more special this Valentine's?

MyFlowerApp has several options and products that you can get for your darling and make their day extra special, like Roomful of Teddies and Roomful of Roses. However, we have one more special Valentine Surprise for all those who love giving surprises to their SO. MyFlowerApp’s Valentine Serenades brings you the options of devoting your complete time to wooing your love, while gorgeous flowers, cakes, chocolates, and combos, are sent to them every day of Valentine's week. You can choose from our various options, and order presents for your love for 2 days, 3 days, and so on till 7 days – covering all the important or all days of Valentine's according to what you prefer. The gifts will include roses, chocolates, cakes, teddy bears, and more in various combos, big or small according to the day.
This way, you can plan elaborate dates and surprises for each day of Valentine's, weeks in advance, and simply enjoy the quality time with your love, without feeling as if setting up a date has become a bore or tedious. You simply decide when to starting courting or wooing your girl, and how long the serenades have to go, and we will do the rest. This means that if you choose a 4-day serenade and select the starting date to be 11 February, a gift will reach your beloved’s doorstep every day, from 11 February to 14 February.
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