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Valentine’s Luxury Collection

Lavish your sweetheart this 14 February with MyFlowerApp’s Valentine Luxury Collection. From elaborate combos to serenades, cakes, chocolates, premium gifts, flowers, floral arrangements, and more order anything and we will deliver them anywhere in India with free shipping.

Roses and Rocher Chocolate Bouquet

16 Ferrero Rocher & 18 Roses Bouquet.

Product Contains:

- 28 Red Roses
- 16pcs Ferrero Rocher

Mystic Elegance

Explain your love and appreciation with this attractive Mystic Elegance Bouquet that will surely convey your message to your loved ones. The tranquil beauty of the flower arrangement will certainly add clarity and innocence to your lifetime friendship


Product Contains:

- Mystic Elegance Bouquet

Sweet Romance

30 red roses bunch, half kg pineapple cake with 24 pcs Ferrero Rocher box, 4 dairy milk chocolate, and 6″ teddy.

Product Contains:

- 30 Red roses bunch in red paper packing.
- Half kg pineapple cake.
- 4 dairy milk chocolate.
- 24pcs Ferrero Rocher.
- A 6" teddy.


Sweetest Emotion

18 pink roses bunch with 3 purple orchids and half kg chocolate cake.


Product Contains:

- 18 Pink Roses

- 3 Purple Orchids

- Half kg Chocolate Cake


2 Days Valentine Love Serenades

Product Contains:

Day 1 - 12 Pink Roses in Pink Paper Packing

Day 2 - 20 Red Roses in Red Paper Packing


Please Note: Day 1 starts on the date you have selected.

Song For My Love

Product Contains:

- Heart Shaped Arrangement of 25 White, Pink and Red Roses along with a live guitar song dedication of your favorite songs.

Note: Please place this order at least 24 hours in advance and Call us at 0120-4068485 to confirm the availability.

Stunning Teddy Bear with Chocolate

Ferrero Rocher 24 pcs, red teddy bear (60 cm).

Product Contains:

- Ferrero Rocher 24 pcs
- Red teddy bear (60 cm)

3 Tier Pink and Green Cake with Roses

3Kg 3 tier pink and green fondant cake with roses.


Product Contains:

- 3 Kg Fondant cake (As per Image)

Be My Valentine

 50 Red Roses in heart-shaped arrangement and 6" teddy.

Product Contains:

- 50 Red Roses
- A cute 6" Teddy

Radiant Rage

Designer arrangement of red roses and 2 teddies.


- Red Roses in a Designer Arrangement

- 2 Teddy


Heart in heart Red Flower Bouquet

Express your true love on this Valentine’s Day for your soulmate with our gorgeous heart of fully bloomed hand-picked 20 red roses in a 40 red carnation heart assorted with fresh green leaves.

Product Contains:

- Heart Shape Arrangement of 20 Red Roses and 40 Carnation

5 Days Serenades

Product Contains:

Day 1 - 5 Red, 4 Yellow and 4 White Roses in yellow and red paper packing and 2 Dairy Milk
Day 2 - 12 Red Roses Bunch
Day 3 - Heart shape arrangement of 17 Red Roses & Soft toy with green fillers
Day 4 - 6 Red Roses in Red Paper Wrapping, 1 Cadbury Celebration and One 6" Teddy
Day 5 - 10 yellow roses with half kg chocolate cake.

Please Note: Day 1 starts on the date you have selected.

Love Forever

Product Contains:

Day 1 - 12 Red Roses in Red paper packaging with 16 Ferrero Rocher
Day 2 - 12 Red Roses Bunch and Half Kg Black Forest Cake
Day 3 - 6 Purple Orchid in Pink Paper Packing and One 6" Teddy
Day 4 - 12 Mix Roses in Cellophane packaging


Please Note: Day 1 starts on the date you have selected.

Floating Hearts Cake

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Strawberry Cake

Entire Roses from Garden

The flower is the most stunning formation of God which is like friends that they convey dazzling color in your life. Delight your friends, relatives, family members, or dear one with this marvelous a bunch of roses.

Product Contains:

- 150 Roses of Red, Pink, Yellow, White and Orange

- 5 Glass Vase

Unlimited Love

To make your special one feel extra special, gift them this alluring bunch of flowers. The bunch is perfect to convey love and happiness. It’s a perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, success party, housewarming or many other occasions.

Product Contains:

- Basket Arrangement of 100 Red and Yellow Roses.
- 1 Kg Black Forest Cake

Teddies Bouquet

6 no of 6" teddies bouquet.

Product Contain:

-  Six 6" Teddies in Blue Paper Packing

Basket Full of Chocolate

Whether it’s a birthday or Rasksha Bandhan, express your love for that person with this beautifully crafted basket loaded with Basket Arrangement of 2 Bournville Chocolates (31 Gms Each), 2 Kit Kat Chocolates (37 Gms Each), 4 Temptation Chocolates (72 Gms Each) and 1 Cadbury Rich Dry Fruits (132 Gms) and more.


Product Contains:

- 2 Bournville Chocolates, 2 Kit Kat Chocolates, 4 Temptation Chocolates and 1 Cadbury Rich Dry Fruits

- A Basket


Red Roses Tall Arrangement

Help your dearest ones to feel special on their specific occasions by sending our very special red roses tall arrangement in 3 layers made of 100 fresh and hand-picked red roses along with fresh green leaves arranged in a basket.


Product Contains:

- 100 Roses

Heart Full of Love

Product Contains:

Day 1 - 25 White, Pink and Red Roses in a Heart Shape

Day 2 - 25 Red and White Roses in a Heart Shape


Please Note: Day 1 starts on the date you have selected.



Shower Her with Love by Ordering These Phenomenon Valentine Luxury Collection Online

True love is rarer than red diamonds. So, this 14 February 2019, cherish this love with your soul mate. Treat her with opulence from MyFlowerApp’s Valentine Luxury Collection. Let her know, she is the one you plan to fall for every day, the rest of your lives. If this Valentine's Day is an important milestone for you, or you are thinking of proposing to her today, we will help you make it extravagant and better than ever. Cupid’s holiday is especially for the ones who would go the extra mile and make grand romantic gestures for their beloved. Get her huge bouquets and heart-shaped arrangementss of even a 1000 roses, or fill her whole room with them – if you want to be a little extra this year, you are at the right place.

Impress Him This Valentines by Sending Him Something from MyFlowerApp’s Luxury Collection

Valentines is the day where the men shower the beautiful ladies with their love. However, in the 21st century, women too love lavishing affection on their husbands and boyfriends. So, this Valentine's Day 2019, get your hubby something from MyFlowerApp’s Luxury Collection. You can get him a romantic floral arrangement, or go with a combo of his favorite chocolate n cake. Whatever you choose, we will deliver anywhere in India, or overseas, with our trusted delivery services. We can be anywhere in the country within 3 hours if you opt for express delivery or you can make the surprise better by getting a midnight delivery. Regardless, we will be at his doorstep on time with your package of love. You receive free shipping in all Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon.

Serenade the Love of Your Life This Valentines

MyFlowerApp has brought for you something straight out of the movies. This Valentine's Day, order one of the Valentine Serenades and watch her heart sing along with your guitarist. Yep! You can now watch her swoon as he expresses your emotions for her through a song you select. You can also order a combo of flowers, chocolates, teddy bear, gifts, and cakes for her, for every day of Valentine's week. You simply select a starting date and we will send them for as many days you opt for ranging from 2-7.

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