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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Shower your beloved with your love and buy remarkable Valentine Gifts for Her online with MyFlowerApp. Order elegant flowers, her favorite chocolates, teddy bear, and more gifts and get them delivered anywhere in India with your love.

Enigmatic 8 Red Roses Bouquet

It is shaped like a berry and most are red in color


Product Contains:

- 8 Red Roses

- Red Packing Paper

- Red Ribbon

- Green Fillers

Valentine Special Cushion

Product Contains:

- One 12x12 White Personalised Cushion

Lovely Combo

10 red roses, two bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate, two bars of 5 Star Chocolate, a greeting card, and a white teddy.

Product Contains:

- 10 Red Roses
- 2 Cadbury Dairy Milk n two 5 Star Chocolate.
- Greeting Card
- A White Teddy

My Heart Is Yours Mug

Product Contains:

- One printed white ceramic mug Size: Height 3'' & Width 4''

Lilies and Orchids Fabulous Bouquet

Treat your dearest friend with the colors of 4 orange lilies, 10 yellow Roses and 10 purple Orchids fabulous bouquet wrapped in red-yellow paper tied up in a purple ribbon.

Product Contains:

- 10 Yellow Roses and 10 Purple Orchids in Red n Yellow Paper Packing.

Joyful Hamper

5 White and 5 Red Carnations bunch along with 4 Combinations of 800gm Dry Fruits.


Product Contains:

- 5 White and 5 red carnations.
- 200gm Almonds
- 200gm Cashew
- 200gm Pista
- 200gm Raisin
- A round basket

Elation Combo

8 red roses bunch, half kg chocolate cake, 5 dairy milk chocolates, 16 pcs Ferrero rocher box and 6″ teddy.

Product Contains:

- 8 Red roses bunch in red paper packing.
- Half kg chocolate cake.
- 5 dairy milk chocolate.
- 16pcs Ferrero Rocher.
- A 6" teddy.

Do You Love Me Mug

Product Contains:

- One printed white ceramic mug Size: Height 3'' & Width 4''

Choco Teddy Basket

Whether it is Rakshabandhan or Valentine’s Day, our special basket loaded with 8 Cadbury chocolates, 8 red roses and a cute red-white teddy tied up in a ribbon can pull up an instant smile on your special one’s face

Product Contains:

- 8 Cadbury Dairy Milk of 12.5gm
- 8 Red Roses
- 1 6" Teddy
- 1 Round basket

Flawless Love

Bunch of 6 Pink Roses in a pink paper wrap and pink ribbon with 5 Cadbury Chocolates (13gm each) & 6 inch Cute Soft toy.


Product Contains:

- 6 Pink Roses in paper packing
- 5 Cadbury dairy milk
- Teddy Bear 6 inches

2 Layer Lucky Bamboo

Express your true warm wishes to your special ones by sending our special indoor lucky bamboo plant tied up in a double layered red ribbon placed in a beautiful glass jar.

Product Contains:

- 2 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant


Be My Love Cushion

Product Contains:

- One 12x12  Printed Cushion

Pink Gerbera Basket

Whatever the occasion may be, treat your dearest ones with our beautiful pink gerbera basket filled with full-bloomed hand-picked 12 pink gerberas perfectly assorted in a white basket and get praised for years.

Product Contains:

- 12 Pink Gerberas
- 1 Handle Basket

U R Mine Couple Mug

Product Contains:

- Two printed white ceramic mugs Size: Height 3'' & Width 4''

Slaking Chocolate Cake

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Chocolate Cake

Lucky Bamboo with Kit Kat Chocolates

Product Contains:

- Plant Type - Lucky Bamboot

- 8 Nestle Kit Kat Chocolates - 12 gms each

- White Raffia

Yellow Carnation Basket

You can never go erroneous sending a glamorous basket of 12 yellow carnations. Yellow carnations are neatly arranged in an attractive basket. Merely fresh yellow carnations make a truly pleasant gift.

Product Contains:

- 12 Yellow Carnation
- 1 Handle Basket

Be My Valentine Cushion

Product Contains:

- One 12x12  Printed Cushion

Chocolate Indulgence Cake

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Chocolate Cake



Express Your Love By Sending Romantic Valentine Gifts for Her

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. Let the woman of your dreams know how important she is, to you, this Valentine’s Day. Convey your emotions and let her know that she is your heart, your life, your everything. Send romantic gifts to the love of your life at midnight, and fill her whole day with your thoughts. Or surprise her with a midnight delivery of her favorite flowers, or maybe send them early morning along with her favorite cake. This time, when you go to pick her up for a date, bring along her favorite chocolates and flowers, or if she has a special liking to desserts, send a cake with MyFlowerApp’s online Cake delivery a few hours earlier. Some of the most popular Valentine Gifts for Her are roses and chocolates. Send one or both, with MyFlowerApp’s Flowers n Chocolates combos and more amazing assorted gifts for her

Send The Best Valentine’s Gifts For Her With MyFlowerApp

If you are planning to take your Significant Other out today, bring along with you, her favorite flowers or send an elegant floral arrangement featuring red roses to express your love for her. Add her favorite chocolates to the combo, and send cute Valentine Gifts for her like Roses and Rocher and Rose Heart Full of Chocolate. You can pick from an extensive array of their favorite chocolates, and other assorted savories at MyFlowerApp and get them, delivered anywhere in India, within 3 hours, with our express delivery services. Or if you are planning on a cozy date at home, add cake to the celebration because, really, what is better than cake? Select from our various Valentine Cakes including all your favorites.

Customize the Day with Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Roses and chocolates are the staples of Valentine's Day – some even call it the tradition, to send red roses and chocolates to the love of your life, on this day. However, everyone wants to do something different for their beautiful ladies on this day – to make it even more special for them somehow. If you are looking for something like that as well, MyFlowerApp has a solution for you. Send Valentine gifts to your love, that is made exclusively for her – choose from our assorted selections of personalized Valentine's Day Gifts and get them customized for her. You can get pictures of your special moments together, printed on various products like cushions, key rings, photo frames, mugs, and even cakes, or buy a photo frame of her name, and surprise her with your thoughtful and loving gestures.

Steal Her Heart and Woo Her Once Again with Cute Valentine Gifts for Wife

Every woman loves being wooed and courted. Bring back the magic of your dating days this Valentine's and bring joy to your dear wife with MyFlowerApp. Plan a surprise for her on the most romantic day of the year. Get personalized Valentine Gifts for your Wife from our expansive range along with her favorite flowers, cakes, or chocolate and get them delivered to your place, at midnight for a beautiful beginning for the day. Or maybe, spice things up a bit, and decorate the room with roses, with our ‘Roomful of Roses’ and make the morning amorous. The fragrance of the flowers and your love will stay with her throughout the day. Or if she loves cuddling, fill her room with teddy bears instead. Almost no woman could ever say no to flowers, chocolates, or soft toys. Give her one or even all of these and order a cute combo.

Make Valentine’s Day Special For your Darling

Order your sweetheart’s favorite cake, perhaps make dinner together, or bring her breakfast in bed, set the table with a bouquet of her favorite flowers, or take her out – bring back your flirty or cheesy pick-up lines, and just make the time together special. Make your wife laugh, make her melt, make her gush, and tell her ‘I Love You’ throughout the night. Later, give her a present that she will adore. Unsure of what to get? Buy gifts that mean something to her – either something useful or something significant, like a coffee mug with something cute, funny, romantic, or sentimental on it. Another popular choice would be her favorite perfume. Buy from our assorted range of Adidas, Calvin Klein, Axe, Gucci, Benetton, and so many more, and gift them. Fill her heart with love, like the fragrance from the perfume permeates the air around her. If she has a sweet tooth, get her favorite chocolates in a basket, or a Flowers n chocolate combo like Ferrero Rocher Roses Bunch or Rose Heart Full of Chocolate. Use your charm and your love to make the day beautiful for your life partner, and remind your girl that she is the most important person in your life – the one who you will stay beside forever.

Send Romantic Gifts Online for Your Girlfriend Anywhere In India

If your girlfriend is far from you, or you are doing something different this year, MyFlowerApp is here with online gift delivery this Valentine's Day 2019 to take your love to her doorstep swiftly. Send a gorgeous bouquet along with cake, chocolates, and personalized gifts to her, and include a greeting card with a romantic message like, “Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine, love, thou art every day my Valentine!” Get the floral arrangement designed in her favorite design, like heart-shaped featuring her favorite flowers or red roses for your expression of love. Make it a combo and get them delivered anywhere in India, within 3 hours, with our express delivery services and free shipping. Do not let the distance between you; hamper your ability to express your love for her regularly. Let her know she is in your thoughts every day, by sending her something significant and related to her hobbies and favorite things. Roses are, of course, the best Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend but if you have been together long enough, you can also send her cushions, mugs, keychains, etc. with your pictures - making your special moments, eternal.

Romantic Yet Funny Is The Key To Her Heart

Life is the flower for which love is the honey. Flowers are the best way of expressing your love, without even saying anything. Select from our extensive range, and send them to her, set in gorgeous arrangements by expert florists and adept artisans. Send her a vase of her favorite flowers, or get several flowers arranged in a number or alphabet that is special for her, or go for the obvious heart-shaped roses arrangement. If she’s a romantic sap at heart yet enjoys a good laugh, buy one of our personalized, funky coffee mugs for her. From cute, sappy saying like ‘Soul Mate’, ‘Queen’, and ‘Just Married’, to funky ones like ‘Mrs. Always Right’, ‘My Life, My Wife’s Rules’ and more.

Celebrate Valentine Week One Day At A Time with MyFlowerApp

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day of love. However, in modern times, celebrating Valentine's week has become a trend too. Want to do something special and different for your love? Serenade her – literally, if you want. MyFlowerApp brings to you, Valentine Serenades, which allows you to select gifts for your girl, for days in advance, and we will deliver them every day from the date you select until however long you want. These include serenades for two to seven days and feature gorgeous combos of flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, cakes, and more. Once you select a starting date, our executives will send them each day for as long as your serenade is supposed to run. This way you can focus more on enjoying the day with her and we will handle the rest for you. Cover each day of Valentine's Week with gorgeous combos or book our ‘Rhythm of Flower’ and get a proficient guitarist to either sing for you both, giving your romantic moments – tender background music, or express your emotions through a song, if you are far from her. Make this sweet gesture and impress your girl, with a song, she loves, or that expresses your affection perfectly along with a bunch of her favorite flowers.

Send Your Love for Her Anytime, Anywhere – In India or Overseas

Whether the love of your life is near you, or somewhere far away, our services include all nooks and crannies of the world, and we will even cover the seven seas for your sake. You can send your heartfelt emotions or your girl, anywhere in India, and we will deliver. Apart from major cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune, we cater to hundreds of other smaller cities and towns as well. If you want us to, we will take your love to countries like UAE, Australia, Canada, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, US, France, South Africa, and Sweden, and more.
Cakes Flavors: chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, mango, red velvet, black forest, pineapple, coffee, strawberry, and more
Types: fruitcakes, eggless cakes, designer cakes, delicious cakes, premium cakes, cupcakes, 5 star cakes, tier cakes, theme cakes, and cartoon cakes
Flowers Varieties: Roses, Carnations, Gerberas, Lilies, Orchids, Mixed Flowers, and more
Settings: bouquets, vases, floral arrangements, heart-shape arrangements, number arrangements, alphabet arrangements, roomful of roses, 1000 red roses, etc.
Chocolates Ferrero Rocher, Celebrations, Cadbury, Chocolate bouquets, Roses and Rocher, Kitkat, Cute Choco Vase, Rose Heart Full of Chocolate, Basket Full of Chocolate, Ferrero Rocher Roses Bunch, and more
Gifts Personalized Gifts: puzzles, lamps, mugs, photo frame, granite photo stone, wall clock, key rings, cushions, and more
Perfumes: Adidas, Calvin Klein, Axe, Gucci, Benetton, UDV, Reebok, Nike, Envy, Havoc
Soft Toys, Mugs, Chocolates, God Idols, Cushions, Plants, Aprons, Other, Desi Gifts
Combo Flowers N Cakes, Flowers N Chocolates, Flowers N Teddy, Flowers N Sweets, Flowers N Dry Fruits, Flowers N Greeting Card

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