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Valentine Cakes to Noida

Indulge in the delicacies this Valentines and order your favorite Valentine Cakes in Noida for a grand celebration. Select from a plethora of flavors and designs, and we will deliver anywhere in the city with our express and same-day delivery.

Pineapple Cake

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Pineapple Cake

Half Kg Black Forest Cake

Send this marvelous and delicious black forest cake from my flower tree and pleasure your loved ones. Premium black forest cake is appropriate for all energetic festivities. Its luscious taste is tough to defy.



Product Contains:

- Half Kg Black Forest Cake

Heart Shaped Chocolate Photo Cake

Celebrate the intensity of your love with our delicious 1 Kg heart-shaped chocolate cake on your anniversary fully loaded with smooth chocolate cream and a beautiful couple photo of you two embellished on it.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Heart Shaped Chocolate Photo Cake

Red Velvet Cake Heart Shape

A heart is for love & care and so is the red color. Fed up with the usual ways of expressing love? Try this exclusive and pleasant blend of coffee with red colored frosty layering in heart shape could be a perfect surprise for your loved ones.

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Heart Shape Red Velvet Cake

Angry Bird Cake

This angry-bird-cake is prepared delightfully to make kids fabulous eager and pleased on their birthdays or any other special occasions. The cake is elegantly designed in an angry-bird face. This cake will certainly get you everlasting pleasure on your kid’s birthday.


Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Theme Cake As Per Image

Choco Cream Cake

Product Contains:

- Half kg chocolate cake

Butterscotch Cake

This cake is known as the “executive Dessert of pleasure,” This Butterscotch Cake is really a pleaser by the crowd. The cherry on the crest of cake seems similar to that; it is in love with this butterscotch cake.


Product Contains:

- Half Kg Butterscotch Cake

Black Forest Cake

If you are preparing to formulate unusual occasions unforgettably, then this cake is an astonishing idea which you can convey to your special ones without any type of hassle. It is a premium black forest cake and its delicious flavor makes you enquire for more.


Product Contains:

- Half Kg Blackforest Cake

Half Kg Pineapple Cake

Half Kg Pineapple Cake.

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Pineapple Cake 

Heavenly Black Forest Cake

Product Contains:

- Half Kg black forest Cake


The delicious taste of this classic chocolate truffle cake will certainly make you get enthusiastic about it. The captivate flavor of this cake will please your savor palates to the uppermost stage.


Product Contains:

- Half Kg Chocolate Truffle Cake

Fruit Cake

This delectable fruitcake is a paradise of taste and taste that conveys your true feelings with this fruit enriched cake. It is also an ideal cake for any memorable occasion for anyone, you love and care most.


Product Contains:

- Half Kg Fruit Cake

Chocolate Cake

A tempting blend of cream and chocolate cake overflowing with the buttercream icing with hazelnuts is the most delicious mishmash. This arrangement is a remarkable pleasure for your loved ones.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Chocolate Cake

Doremon Cake

When we talk about cartoons, Doraemon is known as the most preferred cartoon character among the kids. So, just visualize if their desired cartoon character comes in the appearance of cake then it is apparent that kids will be surprised!


Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Doraemon Thame Cake (As Per Image)

Chocolate Chips Cake

This is a gorgeous and eye-catching cake burst with chocolate. Applaud your event by having this Chocolate Chips cake. It is suitable for every moment. The Chocolate Chips on the side give a gaze of chocolate love. The cake is having an astonishing taste.


Product Contains:

- Half Kg Chocolate Chips Cake

Butter Scotch Designer Cake

This is one of the mouth-watering cakes with crispy chunks of Butterscotch which is further mixed with silky caramel. The pleasant Butterscotch Cake is the astonishing flavor among the sweet-lovers. The butterscotch cake is preferred by all age people.


Product Contains:

- Half Kg Butterscotch Cake

Half Kg Mango Cake

Treat your friend to make the birthday special by ordering our Half Kg yummy mango cake full of yummy mango flavor, decorated with white soft cream and garnished with white and dark chocolate formation

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Mango Cake 

Chocolaty Walnut Cake

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Chocolate Walnut Cake



Let Your Actions Speak This 14 February: Send Valentine Cakes to Noida

If the distance between you both is large this Valentine's Day, negate it with the help of MyFlowerApp. Send Valentine Cakes online to Noida, directly to your sweetheart’s doorsteps. Select their favorite flavors and designs from our extensive range of delicious cakes and say ‘I love you’ through your actions this year. Make a romantic gesture of selecting their favorite flavors, chocolate, red velvet, butterscotch, and so on and get them set in designs they will love. Order heart-shaped red velvet cake, or get a chocolate photo cake, maybe get one of our themed cakes shaped in their favorite sport, guitar, or something else that has a special meaning to you both, or especially for your partner. Make the surprise sweeter, like the cherry on top, with their favorite flowers like romantic red roses, chocolates, and gifts added to the combo. We will deliver them anywhere in the city, including Sector 23, Sector 121, Sector 16, Sector 81, Gaur City, Sector 12, Sector 64, and more.

Send Your Darling’s Favorite Valentine Cakes to Noida Online with MyFlowerApp

Celebrate the most romantic day of the year with the love of your life and cherish your relationship together with MyFlowerApp. Order your lover’s favorite Valentine Cake and get swift online delivery to Noida. We will be at your doorstep, at the appointed time, with fresh cakes and any other Valentine Gifts you wish to add to the combo. Select from our assorted selection of delicious delights in two-tiered and three-tiered cakes, heart-shaped cakes, or get cute cakes with messages like the ‘Kiss Me Truffle Cake’ or the ‘Love Letter Cup Cakes’. Whatever you want to get for your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend, you can find easily at and we will deliver for you, anywhere in Noida. Our services cover the entire city including Sector 32, Sector 18, Sector 62, Sector 125, Eco Village 1, Sector 44, Sector 136, and Sector 72. Make the surprise extra special for your significant other by including personalized Valentine Gifts for them that they will definitely love. Order Valentine Mugs for your coffee-addict, cushions for your Netflix-bingeing partner or maybe plants like Potted Peace Lily Plant for your garden-lover and get them delivered along with your cake. You can also send gifts for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 days of Valentine by selecting one of our Valentine Serenades and celebrate Valentine Week with your soul mate.

Get Delivery of Valentine Cakes to Noida within 3 hours with MyFlowerApp’s Express Delivery

Get swift delivery of Valentine Cakes to anywhere in Noida, whenever you want, with MyFlowerApp’s diverse delivery services:
  • Express Delivery
  • Same-Day Delivery
  • Midnight Delivery
  • Early-Morning Delivery
Send cakes, flowers, chocolates, and gifts anytime and anywhere with free shipping, including Chhajarsi, Sector 110, Sector 15, Sector 27, Sector 84, Sector 34, Sector 5, Baraula, and Sarfabad.

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