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Tier Cakes

There is nothing better than cake but more cake. Send these two- and three-tiered cakes to your loved ones with MyFlowerApp, anywhere in India. These scrummy delights are available in all flavors, ranging from pineapple to vanilla, chocolate, mango, butterscotch, black forest, strawberry, and so many more. Just select your favorite and add flowers or a gift to the package.

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3 Tier Vanilla Cream Cake

This 3 tier vanilla cream cake is appropriate for all occasions like office party, birthday party, anniversary, etc. It looks nice and consists of vanilla flavor. The color is entirely white and has 3 tiers, large, medium, small on the top. Each edge of the tier is decorated by white cream and multicolor beads. This cake is available from 3 kg. Make it Eggless, you can pay an extra 100 rupees.

Product Contains:

- 3 Kg vanilla flavour cake (As per Image)

Tier Cake For Baby

2kg 2 tier chocolate flavour fondant cake.

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Chocolate Fondant cake (As per Image)


Grand Wedding Cake

3 Kg 3 tier chocolate flavour cake.

Product Contains:

- 3 Kg Chocolate cake (As per Image)

Two Tier Strawberry Cake

It’s an appetizing two-tier strawberry cake. This cake is the wonderful gift for someone who loves strawberry flavor most. Imagine how the delicious two-tier strawberry cake is going to rock the eve!

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Strawberry Cake

2 Tier Fruit Cake

Make the occasion unique for your special one by sending this delicious 2 Kg fruit cake garnishing with yummy white & yellow cream and that too with real fruit toppings like apples, grapes and mangoes.

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Fruit Cake

3 Tier Sillver Chocolate Cake

Product Contains:

- 5 Kg Chocolate 3 Tier Chocolate Fondant Cake

2 Tier New Year Fondant Cake

Product Contains:

- 2 kg chocolate fondant cake as per image.

Chocolate Wedding Cake

Cake! Thought that strikes our mind hearing to this single word is yummy and delicious and all above 2 kg 2 tire chocolate cake! Is unfathomable a gift where an individual can never go wrong. This is a sweetest way to welcome the newlywed couple making the already amazing day more beautiful. And start your own tradition of cutting cake after wedding. What better way to start a marriage?

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Chocolate cake (As per Image)

3 Tier Pink and Green Cake with Roses

3Kg 3 tier pink and green fondant cake with roses.


Product Contains:

- 3 Kg Fondant cake (As per Image)

2 Tier Oreo Cake

This 2 kg 2 tier Oreo cake is a dessert for which one can die for. It is just like a magnet which sucks all are our resisting power and tempting us with its luscious and blissful taste. So many Oreo mixed with an icing on them can make anyone mouth water. Don’t control yourself let yourself fly for a second and lose yourself in this heavenly taste.

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Oreo Chocolate cake (As per Image)

2 Tier Vanilla Rose Cake

2kg 2 tier vanilla flavour cake.

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg vanilla cake (As per Image)

Love Is In The Air Cake

3Kg fondant cake as per image.


Product Contains:

- 3 Kg Fondant cake (As per Image)

3 Tier Chocolate Truffle Cake

Product Contains:

- 5 Kg 3 Tier Chocolate Truffle Cake

2 Tier Rose Cake

Express your feelings in the perfect way with the help of our very special 2 Kg 2-tier rose cake decorating with hundreds of roses in dark and light shades of pink cream.

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Vanilla Cake

2 Tier Vanila Chocochip Cake

Don’t forget to send our high-rated and yummy 2 Kg vanilla chocolate cake with loads of dark and white chocolate cream and candies to make someone’s birthday very special. Get praised for your exceptional gift.

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Vanilla Chocochip Cake

3 Tier Chocolate Cake

whether it’s an anniversary or birthday celebration, a special occasion cannot be completed without our traditionally designed chocolate cake overloaded with tasty chocolates and creams. Those chocolate-made flower petals are the USP.

Product Contains:

- 3 Kg Chocolate Cake

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