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Same Day Delivery

Did the date slip your mind or you left your shopping for a little too late? Quickly hop on to MyFlowerApp and place your order for same day delivery of flowers, cakes, chocolates, and other gifts. We will reach anywhere in India with your gifts and affection.

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Double Rose Heart

Product Contains:

- Cane Basket Arrangement of 37 Red Roses

Blooming Love

Love is in the air when the roses are near. This sentence could actually be considered true when taken into account this custom being continued from a very long time. So much that it can actually be taken as one of the tradition to propose a girl. If this 20 red roses in red paper packing is gifted it will eventually mean your declaration of love and care.

Product Contains:

- 20 Red Roses in Red Paper Packing

Bundle Of Love

Product Contains:

- 12 Red Roses in Red Paper Packing and half Kg Chocolate cake

Expressive Roses

Product Contains:

- 12 Mix Roses in Red Paper Packing and half Kg Chocolate cake

Romantic Rose Bouquet

Product Contains:

- 12 Red Roses in Red Paper Packing

Roses Fascination

Product Contains:

- 50 Red Roses Bunch and Half Kg Black Forest cake

Sweet Touch

Product Contains:

- 12 Mix Roses in red paper packing and 12-Inch Teddy

Admirable Pink Hamper

Product Contains:

- 12 Pink Carnation in pink paper packing. and a 6 inch Teddy.

Pretty Pink Bunch

Product Contains:

- 25 Baby Pink Roses in Pink Paper Packing.

Fascinated Rocher Combo

Product Contains:

- Bouquet of 6 Purple Orchids in Pink Paper Packing and Ferrero Rocher Chocolate - 16 pieces

Care Express

Product Contains:

- 20 red roses in red paper packing, Ferrero Rocher Chocolate - 16 pieces, and a 6-inch Teddy Bear

Heartly Combo

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 15 Red Roses in Red Paper Packing, 6 Inch Soft toy, Ferrero Rocher 200 gms and 500gm Chocolate Cak

Mix Roses and Rocher

Product Contains:

- 10 Mix roses in red paper packing and Ferrero Rocher Chocolate - 16 pieces

Fondest Affection

Product Contains:

- 10 Red roses in red paper packing and Ferrero Rocher Chocolate - 24 pieces

Vivid Memories

Product Contains:

- 25 Red & White Roses in red and white paper packing.

Pink Carnival

A beautiful bouquet including bunches of pink roses are there. A transparent and pink wrapper is used to gather the roses together. A white ribbon is used to tie the entire bouquet. It looks so sober and beautiful for any occasion purposes. This is a very good gift and it contains 20 pink roses. Bouquet of 20 pink roses costs Rs. 200. If you want vase and double the flower quantity, you can pay Rs. 200 and Rs. 745 extra respectively.

\Product Contains:

- Bouquet of 20 Pink Roses

Refined Pink Beauty

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 6 Pink Oriental Lilies in Pink Paper packing

Pretty Pink

This beautiful bouquet of pink roses is an extremely good gift for your loved ones. Roses, on their, own add a romantic quality to everything, and its no secret that your romantic partner would absolutely love it, be it their birthday, any special occasion or just a spontaneous surprise gift. The Pretty Pink bouquet consists of 12 roses but the quantity may be doubled with a small additional sum.

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 12 Pink roses

 Frisky Blooms

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 20 Fresh Mix Roses

Hearty Sensation

Product contains:

- Heart Shape Arrangement of 40 Red and White Roses

Shine Rose

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 50 Yellow Roses in yellow paper packing

Purple Orchid Bunch
Product Contains: - 10 Purple Orchids in pink paper packing
1000 Roses Bouquet

Valentine’s day, girl friend’s is near! Than what are you waiting for? Gift her pretty 1000 bunch of red roses and easily win her heart. You can also say it is an unique and effective remedy to extinguish someone’s anger. It is a very cute and gentlemanly gesture which every girl’s dream of so trust me when I say you wouldn’t be disappointed with the end result.

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 1000 Red Roses

Lovely Pink Posy

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers ever gifted by the god to humankind. It is a sign of love that you have regarding your friends and family and also your significant other. Pink roses have been the best thing that people gift their significant other. Here we have something special for you. Lovely Pink Posy is a great gift of 30 pink roses that you can gift to your significant other and show your love to them.

Product Contains:

- 30 Pink Rose Basket

Crazy Love

Roses have inspired people of all ages and all over the world to develop the language of roses by ascribing colors, variety, and a number of roses that are being gifted. A red rose is the best and an unmistakable expression of love. It can be love, longing or desire. A deep red rose can be used to convey heartfelt and sorrow. Here is a Bunch of 18 Red Roses that will help you show your love for your significant other.

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 18 Red Roses

Lovely choice

Product Contains: 

- Basket arrangement of 30 pink roses.

Divine Love

Product Description:

- Vase Arrangement of 12 Red Roses

Vase of White Rose

Roses are the definitive sign of passion and love all over the world, a fact that makes a Vase of White Rose an iconic gift for your loved ones. A flower that signifies your passion and desire for your loved ones, you can tell them just how much they mean to you by buying them a gift of a Vase of White Rose flowers. This is one of the best types of gifts for occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and others.

Product Contains:

- 15 White Roses in a Vase

Affectionate Treat

Just a treat made for you after tasting this delicious cake you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from buying it again. This half kg butter scotch cake wouldn’t let your mind rest from dreaming about it. Gift it to your special once with these heavenly delicious cake and the result wouldn’t disappoint you. Temptation is high – just let yourself slip once for this yummy taste.

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Butter Scotch Cake

Hearty Affair

Want to make birthdays special of your beloved how about getting this half kg red velvet cake? This beautifully crafty cake is actually mellow in taste and once you had savoured it I can guarantee you wouldn’t be able to put it down. So controlling yourself is useless from this great temptation just savour every bite of it and forget the world for a minute. Eggless cakes are also available.

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Red Velvet Cake

Choco Almond Cake

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Chocolate Almond Cake

Black Forest Delight

It is one of the prettiest cake. This round shaped cake contains chocolates and white cream also. On the top chocolate cream is poured on a white cream. On the edge of the top white cream is used and cherries are used. In the middle, red and white shaped heart sign is used. Crush chocolate is used to decorate the base.

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Black Forest Cake

Choco Black Forest

The thought of raw chocolate in our lips is mouth watering on its own, let alone having the delicious Choco Black Forest. The chocolate gradients on its body are made and layered with chocolate crisps that delight anyone and everyone. And truth be told, no other flavour dominates any occasion the way Chocolate does and to top that, the black forest goes a step further with an even darker flavour. If ensuring the satisfaction of everyone is your responsibility, the Choco Black Forest is the best pick for you.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Black Forest Cake

Heartfelt Desires

Preparing for the Valentine’s Day! Why not buy this half kg red velvet cake? For make the day more romantic and full of hearty laughter. On this delicious looking red velvet cake you will find white coloured fondant heart kept on the red topping instantly gives the deep emotion of love and can make other sign in awe. You can order in both the varieties be it eggless or with egg.

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Red Velvet Cake

Chocolicious Black Forest

It is simple looking chocolate and apt for any occasion. White cream and dark chocolate cream are used to decorate this round-shaped cake. On the top white cream and cherries are used. To highlight the base crush chocolate is used. The quantity of this chocolicious black forest cake is half kg. To make it eggless, Rs. 100 is paid extra.

- Half Kg Black Forest Cake

For My Beloved

To feel your beloved special, you can celebrate any occasion with this cake. This is a very beautiful black forest cake. On the top white cream is used and the border is also in white color. In the middle, a hollow red heart is used. Crush chocolate is used to highlight the entire side.

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Black Forest Cake

Dark Chocochips Cake

Don’t keep yourself from indulging yourself in the temptation and eating this perfectly made finger licking, crunchy half kg chocolate chip cake. Answer this- is anything better than this delightful choco chip cake which holds the power of making your mood instantly better. As soon will you take the bite of this yummy cake it will instantly melt inside your mouth. Chocolates are best.

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Choco chip Cake

Heavenly Vanilla Cake

If debated whether vanilla cake is heavenly or not what do you think the answer would be – undoubtedly yes! A vanilla cake tastes delicious and always makes us want to have it be it a cake our ice cream vanilla wins. This milky and bit salty taste of the cake makes our mouth water. A half kg vanilla cake is preferred by everyone. If in doubt this dessert can be of help.

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Vanilla Cake

Chocolaty Fruit Cake

This chocolaty fruit cake contains multiple fruits. Those who love fruits and chocolate, this cake is apt for them. The entire cake consists of chocolate. Numerous fruits like apple, herries, litchi, orange, avocados, pineapple are used on the top. Crush nuts are used at the base of the cake.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Chocolate Fruit Cake

Fascinate Fruit Cake

Who does not like cakes. Everyone enjoys cakes no matter the age they are in. if you are celebrating a birthday or maybe you just came out of a hard diet and want to treat yourself with a good meal to celebrate the calories that you have lost. There is no accurate or appropriate time to celebrate with a cake. Every time is right with our 1 Kg Fruit Cake.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Fruit Cake

Truffly Delight

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Chocolate Truffle Cake

Heartfelt Red Velvet Cake

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Heartshape Red Velvet Cake

Gratifying Truffle Cake

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Heartshape Chocolate Truffle Cake

Truffle Love

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Chocolate Truffle Cake

Chocolate Gems Cake

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Chocolate Gems Cake

Hearty Desires

One hearty desire can always be counted as dessert. And it is vanilla how you can negotiate? Vanilla is one of the most popular flavour in the whole world it is used in most of the dessert not only cakes thus also loved by all. You can call this flavoured cake which stands at neutral ground. If confused this half kg vanilla cake can easily solve your problem.

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Vanilla Cake

Pink Gerberas Bouquet

Pink gerberas are not only signing of soberness but it refreshes as well. The entire bouquet contains 10 pink gerberas with long sticks. A transparent paper is used to wrap this flower. Pink thread is used to gather this flower.

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 10 pink gerberas

Pink Gerberas Vase

This pink gerberas vase comprise of pure glass. It is a cylindrical vase and has given very sophisticated look. Transparency of this vase gives another beauty. If you put the gerberas with its stalk, you can see the entire flower through the glass. You can get seven gerberas in a vase.

Product Contains:

- 7 Pink Gerberas in a vase

Black Forest Love Cake

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Black forest Heart Shaped Cake

Blooming Love

Product Contains:

- Basket Of 100 Red Roses

Butterscotch Fondness

Many people are fond of butterscotch flavour. This round shaped cake can fulfill your expectation. Crush chocolates are given in the side of the cake. On the top white cream is given. By using brown food color nest like appearance is made and in the middle a cherry and three curve white chocolate plates are given.

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Butterscotch Cake

Purity of Souls

Product Contains:

- Vase of 50 White Roses

Perfectly Pleasing

Product Contains:

- 3 White Anthuriums, 3 White Lilies, 3 White Gerberas, 3 White Rose in white paper packing

Love Adoration

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Vanilla Heart Shaped Cake

Dry Fruits Basket

Product Contains:

- One round basket filled with 500gm Dry Fruits including Almonds, Pista, Cashews, and Raisins.

Something Special

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 6 exotic purple Orchids in pink paper packing and pink ribbon combined with 500gm black forest cake and a cute teddy bear.

Delightful Divine Combo

Product Contains:

- 9 Red Rose in Yellow and White Paper Packing, Half Kg Butterscotch cake.

Carnations N Chocolaty Love

Product Contains:

- 10 Pink Carnation bunch and Half Kg Chocolate Truffle Cake.



Send Your Love ASAP with MyFlowerApp’s Same Day Gifts Delivery in India

Instant gratification is an important part of our lives nowadays even while giving gifts. Whether you have forgotten the date or simply procrastinated in buying a gift for your dear ones, quickly send gifts online with and deliver your wishes to them, even if you cannot be there yourself. Be it a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Raksha Bandhan, Friendship Day, New Year, Rose Day, Chocolate Day, or any other occasion, send your affection and celebrate with your loved ones with same day delivery of gifts online in India. Send delicious cakes, gorgeous flowers, elegant floral arrangements, their favorite perfumes, soft toys, and personalized gifts among many others, and we will deliver them for you, anywhere in India with free shipping. You can order absolutely anything you want, ranging from plants like the desert rose, lucky bamboo, jade terrarium, etc. to aprons, jewelry, desi gifts, and others. Order their favorite gifts or select from MyFlowerApp’s extensive range of combos like Flowers N Cakes, Flowers N Chocolates, Flowers N Teddy, Flowers N Greeting Cards, and so on. Opt for same day delivery of gifts in India and be crowned the best gift-giver in the family.
Table of Content 
Flowers speak a special language of love, and they are the best way to convey your emotions to anyone, during an event. Say ‘I love you’ to your girlfriend orwife through a bouquet of red roses, or express your affection to your mom through a bunch of pink carnations swiftly with MyFlowerApp’s same-day delivery for flowers. Choose from our varied assortment of vibrant Orchids, Roses, Carnations, Tulips, Gerberas, Lilies, and more in baskets, vases, bouquets, or elaborate arrangements and send them to your kith and kin, anywhere in India with our same-day delivery services. Articulate your emotions for your near and dear ones, with these beautiful and expressive flowers. Send Get well soon flowers to your loved one in need, say sorry to your friends, congratulate a new couple, or cheer up someone in need with gorgeous flowers and arrangements. Order Mix Gerbera Arrangement, Basket of Pink Lily, Pink Gerbera Basket, Vase of Bird of Paradise, Red Roses Tall Arrangement, and more, and send your love and affection through these.

Send Your Sweet Love To Your Dear Ones with Same Day Cake delivery

Everyone’s policy on the cake should be pro having it and pro eating it. So quickly order from and get same day cake delivery, with fresh, delicious delights at your doorsteps. Peruse through our expansive array of happy birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, Valentine cakes, Christmas Cakes, New Year Cakes, Women's Day Cakes, Mother's Day Cakes, and more. Get their favorite flavors from a plethora of options, including Black forest, Truffle, Vanilla, Red Velvet, Plumcake, and more, and we will deliver them all for you wherever you want. Get free shipping and swift delivery throughout India with our same day delivery and express delivery options. Say it with delish treats, and send these yummy goodies baked with love. Quickly place your order and add your sweetness through these sugary delights to your friend and family’s important days. There is nothing like the sad mood we get in when we cannot visit our loved ones for their special day. However, while our hectic lives do not allow us the luxury of being physically present every time, you can still be a part of the special celebrations through MyFlowerApp’s quick, online cake delivery.

Heavenly Delights and Celebration: Get Same Day Chocolate Delivery with

Indulge in delish slices of heaven by getting same day chocolate delivery with MyFlowerApp. Send your love to your family and friends anywhere in India through assorted chocolates ranging from one Dairy Milk chocolate to Chocolate bouquets and more. Whether you are ordering these treats for someone special or planning to snack on them yourself, you can get all your favorite dark chocolate, mocha, caramel, and more such crunchy bites, from our vast collection. Get a box of Ferrero Rocher, order a Dairy Milk Bouquet, or maybe go for any of our Kiss Me Chocolate Hamper, Rose Heart Full of Chocolate, Vase of Kit Kat, Dairy Milk & Éclairs Arrangement, and many more such delights. Select the arrangement you like best, or add-on your dear one’s favorite chocolates with other gifts and send them today with our swift delivery services. Whether you want to snack on delish delights or send them to your kith and kin, say sorry, or propose to the love of your life – chocolates are the best embellishments for any occasion. So make your selection and get them delivered, anywhere in the country, whenever you want.

Opt for MyFlowerApp’s Same Day Gifts Delivery for a Unique Surprise

Every gift for a loved one is a wish for their happiness. So, regardless of the occasion, you are celebrating, choose a gift for your friends and family that expresses your affection for them in a unique way with MyFlowerApp. Order something that we will create especially for them by opting for one of our personalized gifts and get them delivered today. Choose from an expansive selection of same day gifts like cushions, mugs, key chains, lamps, puzzles, and more, and get pictures or texts printed on them. Go for images of you and the recipient of some memorable moments that you shared, or pictures and text of something that has a special meaning for them. Get the ‘Thread of Love Photo Frame’ for your sister this Raksha Bandhan with a cute picture of you both together, or order a ‘Personalized Name Photo Frame’ for your friend on their birthday, a ‘Heart Shaped Personalized Table Top’ for a newly-married couple, or get the ‘Forever Love Mugs’ for your significant other with your names on it. From teddy bears to their favorite perfumes, plants, jewelry, aprons, desi gifts, and many more, get same day gifts delivery for them all, anywhere in India with MyFlowerApp.

Choose From Various Same Day Delivery Options Available In Assorted Slots

Often, in our hectic lifestyle and our busy schedule, we can miss a date, or before we know it, an event is here and we were not able to buy a gift for our dear ones on time. Sometimes, the distance between us hampers our ability to be a part of the celebration, while at other times, it is a last-moment meeting that comes in the way of our merry-making. MyFlowerApp is here to help you out of such snags, with our same day gift delivery services. Even if you are not physically present in the party, be a part of the festivities through your thoughtful gesture of sending their favorite gifts to their doorsteps on time. Be it Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Hyderabad, or any other city in India, get delivery throughout the country with free shipping. Peruse through, select your special someone’s favorite gifts from our website, and choose a delivery service that best suits your requirements. If you opt for our early morning delivery, it covers the time slot from 0700 to 0900 hours. The Same Day Fixed Time delivery covers several times slots from 10 AM to 10 PM, as we are at your service throughout the day. If you opt for the Same Day Midnight Delivery, we will reach the destination during the single slot of 11:30 PM to 12:30 AM. Choose the best one from the aforementioned delivery options, and we will handle the rest.

Same Day Morning Shipping Slots

Make someone’s day special with same day morning delivery of his or her favorite flowers, cake, chocolates, and more gifts. Brighten up their day as your love and affection reach your girlfriend, wife, mom, brother, dad, cousin, etc. early morning, in the form of astounding gifts they will love. Simply place your order for vibrant roses, lilies, orchids, and more in bouquets, vases, baskets, and arrangements, or their favorite creamy cake, heavenly chocolates, teddy bear, plants, and more. We will reach your destination, with your gifts, during the Same Day Morning Shipping Slot of 07:00 - 09:00 am.

Same Day Fixed Time Delivery Slots

Did you just remember an occasion? And you are looking for gift delivery today, but the gift needs to reach at a specific time, in tandem with the recipient’s schedule? Worry not, because has you covered. Select from our same day fixed time delivery slots, and opt for the one that covers your requirement. We have several 1-hour windows that you can choose from, including:
10:00 - 11:00 Hrs 16:00 - 17:00 Hrs
11:00 - 12:00 Hrs 17:00 - 18:00 Hrs
12:00 - 13:00 Hrs 18:00 - 19:00 Hrs
13:00 - 14:00 Hrs 19:00 - 20:00 Hrs
14:00 - 15:00 Hrs 20:00 - 21:00 Hrs
15:00 - 16:00 Hrs 21:00 - 22:00 Hrs

Same Day Midnight Delivery

Plan the perfect surprise for your dearly loved ones by ordering their favorite gifts online and sending them swiftly with MyFlowerApp’s same day midnight delivery. Send a delicious chocolate cake with their favorite Blue & Purple Orchids bunch or other such gifts to their home, anywhere in India. Opt for midnight delivery and we will be reaching their place anywhere between 23:30 - 00:30 hrs with your affection wrapped in gifts, and in immaculate condition.

Opt For Same Day Delivery Services by MyFlowerApp, Available For all Festivities

Are you celebrating Pongal or Congratulating parent for a New Baby? Be it Holi, New Year, Christmas, Women's Day, Navratri, or whether you are trying to say get well soon, sorry, or thank you, you can find the perfect way of expressing your emotions with MyFlowerApp. Get online delivery of gifts same day to 350+ cities perfect for every occasion, whether it is for Love and Romance, Retirement, Sympathy, Business Gifting, or Just Because. Send your affection to your beloved with our Same Day Valentine gifts delivery, or order the best Birthday gifts, Anniversary gifts, Mothers Day gifts, Raksha Bandhan gifts, and more and swiftly get them delivered anywhere in India. Be a part of all celebrations with your nearest and dearest, despite the physical distance between you, by sending gifts and your love through them, anywhere in the country within 3 hours, with our Express Delivery services. You can get delivery of your family’s favorite gifts anywhere, anytime, at your and their convenience by choosing from our numerous delivery service options available, including Fixed Time, Early Morning, and Midnight delivery services.

Why Opt For MyFlowerApp’s Same Day Delivery Of Gifts in India?

  • Express delivery services: Send your gifts anywhere in India, within 3 hours, if necessary
  • Last-minute Gift Delivery: Get swift delivery of gifts wherever you want, swiftly, with MyFlowerApp’s trusted services
  • Free Shipping Across India: No matter where in India you send your affection, wrapped in flowers, cakes, and more, there will be no additional delivery charges applied
  • Wide Variety of Gifts: Choose from a plethora of gift options perfect for every occasion and relation available at, and send your love through cute, romantic, funny, and more such choices.

Order Romantic Valentine Gifts For Your Lover from MyFlowerApp

This Valentine's Day, send your love to your darling, anywhere in India, by ordering their favorite gifts online from MyFlowerApp. Get bouquets or arrangements of romantic red roses or their favorite flowers, order their favorite heart-shaped cakes, maybe a cute teddy bear or their favorite perfume, or go with a personalized gift. Articulate your love, on the most romantic day of the year, especially if you have left the Valentine Shopping for a little too late, and get same day delivery of Valentine Gifts, anywhere in the country.
Q.1.: Can I Send Gifts to Other Countries on Same Day?
Ans: Yes, you can send gifts not only in India but abroad as well, the very same day. We offer same day delivery in numerous other countries including Australia, Sweden, South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America, Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, and France.
Q.2.: Does MyFlowerApp Provides Same Day Midnight Gift Delivery As Well?
Ans: Definitely! You can easily surprise your loved ones with midnight delivery of their favorite gifts, anywhere you want. We will reach the destination anywhere between 23:30 - 00:30 hrs, with all your gifts in immaculate condition.
Q.3.: How Long Does It Take MyFlowerApp, To Deliver a Gift?
Ans: This depends on the delivery service you choose. If your order is a priority and you decide upon Express Delivery service, we will reach the destination within 2-3 hours. Regardless of which option you choose though, we will be ringing your doorbell within the mentioned time slot.
Q.4.: Can I Send Last Minute Gifts on Same Day?
Ans: Of course! From flowers to cakes, chocolates, floral arrangements, soft toys, and other such gifts, we will deliver them the same day, wherever and whenever you want. Apart from a few personalized gifts that may not be available everywhere, you can get same day gift delivery easily at
Q.5.: Can I Select a Custom Time for my Gift Delivery?
Ans: Yes, of course! Select the gift you want to send and select the time slot you prefer from our fixed time delivery options. If you want a very specific time, you can include that under the ‘Special Instructions’ and we will let our delivery executives know.
Q.6.: Can I Send Gifts to A Workplace on same Day?
Ans: You can! We cater to all locations and places. We can deliver to workplaces, near monuments, in hospitals, at hostels and colleges, and everywhere and anywhere, you want. Place your order and enter the address where you need your gift sent, opt for same day delivery, or select a time slot from our fixed time delivery and we will send your gift the same day in pristine condition.
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