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Gift your friends and family, life and greenery, in the form of sending plants online with MyFlowerApp. A great gift for housewarming, graduation, promotion, or really, any occasion – send them your wishes of abundance and joy through our express delivery of the package. Add a cake, chocolates, or flowers to the mix and make it a combo.

Aloe Vera Plant

Product Contains:

- Aloe Vera Plant in Fiber/Ceramic Pot

Exclusive Dry Fruit Hamper

Product Contains:

- Almonds (100 gms)
- Cashew Nuts (100 gms)
- 2 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant

Adenium Desert Rose Plant

Product Contains:

- Adenium Desert Rose Plant

Money Plant with Cadbury Celebrations

Product Contains:

- Money Plant in Black Pot

- Cadbury Celebrations

Good Luck Three Layer Bamboo Plant

Product Contains:

- Three-layer lucky bamboo in a glass vase

Lucky Bamboo with Kit Kat Chocolates

Product Contains:

- Plant Type - Lucky Bamboot

- 8 Nestle Kit Kat Chocolates - 12 gms each

- White Raffia

Lucky Bamboo Plant + Roses Combo

Express your true love for your special one by sending our combo of a bamboo plant placed on a glass jar and a red rose bouquet with 10 hand-picked flowers wrapped in white-red paper.

Product Contains:

- 10 Red Roses in a Bouquet

- A Bamboo Palnt in a Glass


Good Luck Hamper

Product Contains:

- 6 Pink Roses
- 6 White Roses
- 2 layer Lucky Bamboo Plant

Desert Rose

Product Contains:

- Desert Rose Plant

Ficus Ginseng Bonsai Plant

Product Contains:

- Ficus Ginseng Bonsai Plant

Jade Terrarium

Product Contains:

- Jade Plant in a Round Glass Vase

2 Layer Lucky Bamboo

Express your true warm wishes to your special ones by sending our special indoor lucky bamboo plant tied up in a double layered red ribbon placed in a beautiful glass jar.

Product Contains:

- 2 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant


Lucky Bamboo Plant Triple Layer

Send your best wishes to your bestie with our triple-layered lucky bamboo plant tied up in 3 red ribbons placed in a beautiful large glass jar filled with white pebbles in the container.


Product Contains:

- Lucky Bamboo Plant Triple Layer

Good Luck Yellow Rose Combo

Product Description:

- 12 Yellow roses
- 2 layer lucky bamboo in a glass vase

Lucky Bamboo Hamper

Product Description:

- 2 Layer lucky bamboo in a glass vase
- Teddy bear (6 inches)
- 2 Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk

Potted Peace Lily Plant

Product Contains:

- Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) Air-Purifying Plant

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