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Mothers Day – 12th May

The world begins and ends in Mother. Express your love, admirations, and gratitude for your mom, this 12th of May, with one of our beautiful Mothers Day hampers and send them to her online with MyFlowerApp. Choose from a plethora of flowers, cakes, chocolates, personalized gifts, and combos of these and have them delivered to your home, anywhere in India.

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Romantic Rose Bouquet

Product Contains:

- 12 Red Roses in Red Paper Packing

Lovely choice

Product Contains: 

- Basket arrangement of 30 pink roses.

Lovely Red Roses

Product Contains:

- Bouquet of 12 Red Roses in Pink Paper Packing

Tempting Pink Roses

Product Contains:

- Vase Arrangement of 20 Pink Roses

L Stands For Love

Product Contains:

- L Shape Arrangement of 30 Red Roses

Grandeur Arrangement

Product Contains:

- Arrangement of 30 Red Roses and 2 Pink Lilies in a Basket

Beautiful Red Roses Vase

Product Contains:

- 12 Red Roses, Dracaena Leaves in a Square Glass Vase 4 x 4 inches

Beautiful Pink Roses Vase

Product Contains:

- 20 Dark Pink Rose in a Square Glass vase 4x6 Inches

Vase of Elegance

Product Contains:

- An arrangement of 30 Red Roses and 8 White Asiatic Lilies in Rectangular Glass Vase

Vase of Purple Orchids

Product Contains:

- 12 Purple Orchids in a Glass Vase 5 Inches with Dry Sticks with Dracaena Leaves

Vase of Blue Orchids

Product Contains:

- 12 Blue Orchids in a Glass Vase 5 Inches with Dry Sticks with Dracaena Leaves

True Feelings

Product Contains:

- 10 Pink Carnations, 5 Pink Roses and 2 White Asiatic Lilies in Pink Packing Paper.

Chocolate and Orchid Bouquet

Product Contains: -

Bouquet of 4 Purple Orchids, Nestle Kitkat - 2 (12 grams each), Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate - 2 (12.5 grams) and Nestle Munch Chocolate - 3 (10 grams) & Cadbury Perk Chocolates - 2

Vase of Roses with Teddy

Product Contains:

- An arrangement of 7 Red Roses, Cadbury Bournville Cranberry Chocolates - 80 grams, Teddy Bear - Height 6 inches in a Square Glass Vase - 4 x 4 inches

Sweet Luck
Two Layer Lucky Bamboo with Half Kg Black Forest Cake
Bouquet of Snacks and Chocolate

Product Contains:

- This bouquet includes Cadbury Perk Chocolates - 4 (15 grams each),Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates - 3 (12.5 grams each), Nestle KitKat Chocolates - 3 (12 grams each),Cadbury Five Star Chocolates - 2 (21.5 grams), Lay's Potato Chips (Flavors may vary as per availability) - 2 (55 grams each),Kurkure (Flavor may vary as per availability)- 1 (100 grams)

Roses & Celebrations Combo

Product Contains:

- 6 Red Rose in Red Packing Paper and 131.3 grams Cadbury celebration

Vase Of Lovely Red Roses

Product Contains:

- 10 Red Rose, 2 Green Button Mum in a Square Glass Vase 4x4x4 Inches with 1 Red Heart Shape I Love You Tag

Light Pink Roses Bunch

Product Contains:

- 16 Baby Pink Roses Wrapped in Jute and Tied with White Raffia

Red Delight

Product Contains:

- 24 Long Stem Red Roses in a Glass Vase

Alluring Pink Roses

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 25 Pink Roses in Cellophane Packing with Ribbon Bow

Exquisite Carnations

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 25 Pink Carnations in Cellophane Packing with Ribbon Bow

Amazing Roses and Teddy Combo

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 12 pink roses with matching ribbon bow tied, Half kg round shape strawberry cake, Teddy Bear (Size: 12 inches)

Pink Roses Combo

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 35 pink roses, 6-inch teddy bear and half kg Black forest cake

Colorful Gerberas Bunch

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 20 Mix Gerberas Cellophane wrapping With Ribbon Bow Tied

Black Mug With Red Roses

Product Contains:

- One ceramic Black Mug of Height: 4 inches & Diameter: 3 inches with 7 Red Roses

Delightful Rocher Bouquet

Product Contains:

- Bouquet of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates - 16 pcs. & Red Roses - 16

Lucky Bamboo With Dairy Milk

Product Contains:

- Two-Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant with Square Glass Vase- 3 x 3 inches and 8 Dairy Milk Chocolates- 12.5 gms each.

Red Rocher Bouquet

Product Contains:

- Bouquet of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 3 pcs, 8 Red Roses and White & Red Teddy Bear with Yellow Paper Packaging.

Red Love

Product Contains:

- 8 Red Roses Beautifully wrapped in Pink & Red Non-Woven Wrapping Paper

Pink & White Roses Bunch

Product Contains:

- 7 Pink Roses and 8 White Roses Beautifully wrapped in Pink & White Non Woven Wrapping Paper

Chocolates & Snacks Bouquet

Product Contains:

- A Bouquet Of Cadbury Perk Chocolates - 3 (15 grams each),Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates - 2 (12.5 grams each), Nestle KitKat Chocolates - 3 (12 grams each), Cadbury Five Star Chocolates - 3 (21.5 grams each), Good Day Butter cookies - 75 grams, Britannia Bourbon - 120 grams, Haldiram Classic, Salted Peanuts - 42 grams, Haldiram's Aloo Bhujia - 100 grams,Haldiram's Masala Moong Dal - 100 grams

Mix Snacks Bunch

Product Contains:

- A Bouquet of Cadbury Fruit & Nut Chocolate - 3 (38 grams each), Nestle Munch Chocolate - 4 (10 grams each), Lay's Potato Chips (Flavors may vary as per availability) - 2 (55 grams each), Kurkure (Flavor may vary as per availability) - 1 (100 grams)

Triple Rose Fantasy

Product Contains:

- 3 Red Roses in a glass vase.

Pink N White Lily Vase

Product Contains:

- 3 Pink and 2 White Oriental lily in a glass vase.

Charming Pink Roses in a Box

Product Contains:

- 40 Pink Roses in a Rectangle Black Colour Card Board Box Dimensions (L x H x W)- 9.5 x 5 x 6.5 Inches Approx.

White & Red Roses Box

Product Contains:

- 25 Red Roses and 15 White Roses in a Round Shape Black Colour Card Board Box Dimensions (H x W)- 9 x 6 Inches Approx.

White N Red Floral Arrangement

Product Description:

- 22 Red Roses and 22 White Roses in a Rectangle Black Colour Card Board Box Dimensions (L x H x W)- 9.5 x 5 x 6.5 Inches Approx.

Peaceful Pink N White Roses

Product Contains:

- 30 Pink Roses and 30 White Roses in a Rectangle Black Colour Card Board Box Dimensions (L x H x W)- 9.5 x 5 x 6.5 Inches Approx.

Passionate Yellow Roses

Product Contains:

- 12 Yellow Rose in a Cellophane Packing

Delightful Pink Roses Bouquet

Product Contains:

- 12 Pink Rose in a Cellophane Packing

Vase Arrangement of Orange Gerberas

Product Contains:

- Vase Arrangement of 10 Orange Gerberas

Magic of Love

Product Contains:

- Basket of 40 Red Roses.

Lovely Bunch Of Carnation

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 15 Red Carnations

Stunning Red Roses Bunch

Product Contains:

- 8 Red Rose in Red Paper Packing

Vase of Red Love

Product Contains:

- 12 Red Rose in a Glass Vase

Enchanting Red Carnation Bunch

Product Contains:

- 8 Red Carnations in White Paper Packing

Carnival Of Roses

Product Contains:

- 12 long stemmed red, pink and white roses expertly arranged in a clear glass vase.

Mix Roses n Cake Combo

Product Contains:

- 6 Mix Roses Glass Vase, Half Kg Black Forest Cake

Sweet Melody

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 5 Yellow Gerberas, 5 White Gerberas and 5 Pink Roses with Half Kg Black Forest Cake



Celebrate the Day of The Most Important Person in Your Life: Happy Mother’s Day

Celebrated every second Sunday of May in India, Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to mothers, motherhood, the maternal bond, and influence of mothers in society. The idea behind this day is to commemorate the love and sacrifice of a mother through loving Mother’s Day gifts, in the form of her favorite flowers, chocolates, cakes, greeting cards, plants, and other such things she enjoys. This day is for giving back a little to the person who had done more for you, than anyone else in the world. Mother’s Day celebrations date back to Ancient Greek, where they honored Rhea, the Mother of the Gods with spring celebrations. Mothering Sunday was traditionally a day in the UK, where the people visited the church and were baptized. Different countries celebrate this day on different dates, but the gist of the commemoration is the same throughout – to show our appreciation for our mothers and mother figures in our lives. So hop on the MyFlowerApp express and order amazing Mother’s Day gifts for your mom, stepmother, sister, mother-in-law, guardian, relative, or a family friend who is a mother figure to you.

Send Your Love for Your Mom with MyFlowerApp’s Mother’s Day Gifts

Express your affection and devotion for your mom this 12 May 2019 through her favorite flowers in baskets, vases, bouquets, and arrangements, chocolates, cakes, gifts, and more. Order her favorite Black Forest Delight cake and get it delivered home along with a basket of pink carnations or maybe get a chocolate bouquet for her like the Ferrero Rocher Roses Bunch. Peruse through, select all that she will love from our extensive Mother’s Day Gifts range, and get them delivered online, whenever and wherever you want. Get swift delivery of your mom’s favorite gifts directly to your doorsteps with our trusted delivery services. Lavish your love and affection on your mom and make her feel like the queen she is by ordering elaborate floral arrangements and other favorite things of hers. Select from our Mother’s Day Special Gift Hampers and order heavenly chocolates, cuddly teddy bears, personalized mugs, cushions, photo frames, key rings, and so many more combos for her. From a 3 Tier Chocolate Cake to Alphabet flower love, the ‘Untouched Emotions’ combo and more, get only the best for the best woman in your life.

Express Your Affection through Online Delivery of Gorgeous Mother’s Day Gifts Anywhere in India

Mother’s Day has become a special day for mothers and their children where the kids present their mothers with flowers and other tokens of appreciation and express their love for her. Whether you are living with your mom or far apart, send Mothers day gifts to India online with MyFlowerApp and articulate your love for her. So this Mother’s Day 2019, send let your mom know that she is the angel sent by God and one of the most important people in your life. Carnations are the official Mother’s day flowers, but if your mom has certain other favorites like orchids, lilies, roses, gerberas, or any other exotic flowers, you can easily find them here as well. Order your mom’s favorite flowers and get them set in elegant arrangements or maybe order her favorite delights by ordering from our Mother’s Day Cakes and Mother’s day Special Chocolates. Select her favorite flavors from red velvet, chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, pineapple, coffee, etc. and get them set in designs she will love. Get Heart-Shaped Cakes, Designer Cakes, Tier Cakes, Theme Cakes, Cartoon Cakes, etc. or maybe get your images printed on one of our Photo Cakes. If you are looking for a unique gift for your mom this year, place an order for our special Mother’s Day Personalized Gifts. Select an image of your mom, of something she enjoys, or a picture of you and your siblings with your mother, and get them printed along with some memorable text on her gift. You can peruse through our assortment of personalized mugs and order something that expresses your love for her or get her something cute from our range of Mother’s day Special Cushions. If your mom likes to tend to her kitchen garden during her free time, maybe order a plant like the Aloe Vera Plant or the Ficus Ginseng Bonsai Plant for her. Whatever you want, you can easily find them all here, at MyFlowerApp. So look through the various selections and order the best gifts that express your affection for your mom.

Send Your Mom’s Favorite Gifts Same Day Online with MyFlowerApp

Whether your mom is with you right now, or work and studies has you far away from her, send your love to her regardless with MyFlowerApp’s Mothers day same day delivery services. Select all the gifts you want to send to her, and we will deliver them to you that very day. You can choose a specific time slot with our fixed time delivery or send them within 3 hours with our express delivery services. Get her favorite Elation Combo or the Color Medley, maybe an Orchids and Mix Roses Arrangement, and get them delivered swiftly, anywhere in the country or abroad. If you wish to surprise her, make a thoughtful gesture by sending her gifts with our Mother’s Day Midnight Delivery. As the clock chimes twelve, we will be knocking at your mother’s door, with her favorite Rose Heart Full of Chocolate and a Mom is My World Personalized Mug, with much love from you. You can also do something different, and send fresh flowers like a Bunch of Lily, Roses, and Gerbera or maybe a White Carnation Basket with MyFlowerApp’s Mother’s day early morning delivery. Bring a smile on her face with gorgeous, fresh flowers being the first thing she sees on the morning of 12 May. You can get delivery of all her favorite things anywhere and anytime with our numerous delivery options, available, especially for your requirements.

Amazing Gifts for Your Mom: Send Mother’s Day Gifts from Son or Daughter with MyFlowerApp

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children. She is the one whose face we first learn, whose name we first utter, and who is the reason for our existence in this world. So give back a little of that love to your mommy, ammi, ayi, maa, mummy, mom by sending MyFlowerApp’s Gifts for Mother on this Mothers day. Select from our extensive range and order amazing gifts that your mom will love according to her hobbies and interests. If she is working, send her favorite flowers to her workplace or maybe order her something from our Mother’s day Special Mugs range with your pictures and some special text on it. If your mom is a homemaker, get her something beautiful to decorate her home, like a ‘desert rose plant’ or ‘lucky bamboo plant’, maybe a personalized cushion with your pictures on it or a personalized photo frame, and more. If she loves cooking, get her a personalized apron, or if she is more spiritual in nature, get her a beautiful God idol. You will find a gift perfect for your mom here.

Send Beautiful Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Mother-in-Law Anywhere in India with MyFlowerApp

Our mother-in-law is the person who raised our partner to be the amazing person that we know and love today. She is like a second mother to us, regardless of the numerous jokes. So this Mother’s Day, show your appreciation for her by sending Gifts for Mother in law. Get swift delivery and free shipping anywhere in India, including major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, and Gurgaon. Select all her favorites from our expansive selection, include a sweet quote with them, and we will deliver your love, wrapped in sweet gifts, directly to their doorsteps. Order her favorite Rich Choco Velvety Cake or an Orange Lily Bouquet, and add a Mother’s Day greeting card with it saying something like, “A daughter-in-law cannot be perfect by herself. A beautiful mother-in-law helps her be one. Thank you for helping me out mom.”

Overcome All Distance with MyFlowerApp’s Online Mother’s Day Gifts Delivery Overseas

When you look into your mother's eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth. Conquer all distances, and send your affection to your mom anywhere you want. Send your emotions across the seven seas with Mother’s Day Online Gifts Delivery service by MyFlowerApp. Choose her favorite flowers or floral arrangements like Sweet Treasure featuring orchids or a Yellow Roses Vase and include a teddy bear, chocolates, a message, cakes, and more with the combo. Get mother’s day gifts for your beloved mom delivered anywhere, including countries like Australia, Sweden, South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America, Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, and France.

Send Your Love to Your Mom This Mother’s Day with MyFlowerApp’s Trusted Services

Shower your love on your mom this May 12, 2019, and express your appreciation for her through appetizing cakes, fresh blooms, personalized gifts, chocolates, soft toys, and so much more. Get swift online delivery of all your Mother’s Day gifts in impeccable condition with MyFlowerApp. Receive the best with us, including:
  • A dedicated order processing system
  • Easy return and cancellation policy
  • Free shipping throughout India
  • Midnight, express, early morning, and same-day delivery services
  • Trusted Local Bakers, florists, and artisans
  • Mother’s Day Gifts delivered at the doorstep
  • Eggless, sugar-free, and more such healthy cake options
  • Elegant designs and themes
  • Tasty cakes, fresh flowers, and all gifts in pristine condition
  • Professional delivery around the globe
  • Delivery within 3 hours, anywhere in India
  • Gorgeous Mother’s Day Gift Hampers for all budgets
  • Quality assurance
  • Easy and secure payment options
  • Reach extending to remote areas and interior cities
  • Trusted network
Place your order for your dearest mother and we will deliver them for you, anywhere in India and abroad, on time.
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