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Send Flowers to Hyderabad Online

Send your love to Hyderabad by sending flowers online with MyFlowerApp to the City of Pearls. Choose from numerous exquisite floral arrangements, and multi-hued flowers including roses, gerberas, carnations, orchids, and so many more. Send these flowers or a combo with cakes, chocolates, and gifts, anywhere in the City of Biryani, and we will deliver quickly, free of shipping charges.

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Graceful Red Carnation

Product Contains:

- 12 Red Carnations Bouquet in Red & White Paper

Pink Roses Bunch

Product Contains:

- 17 Pink Rose in Blue Paper Packing

Vase Arrangement of Yellow Roses and Lilies

Product Contains:

- 20 Yellow Roses and 3 Yellow Asiatic Lilies in a Square Glass Vase 4 x 4 inches

Sweet and Small

8 colourful roses bunch with half kg blackforest cake.


Product Contains:

- 8 Colourful Rose

- Half kg Blackforest Cake


Cadbury N Roses Bunch

Product Contains:

- Bouquet of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates - 5 (12.5 grams each) & Yellow Roses - 5

Admirable Pink Lilies

Product Contains:

- 7 Pink Asiatic Lilies in Pink Packing Paper.

Heart Shaped Orchids and Roses Arrangement

Product Contains:

- 5 Red Roses,4 Purple Orchids, Dracaena Leaves in a Square Glass Vase 4 x 4 x 4 with Blue Paper & Bow

Simply Red Love

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 12 Red Roses and Red Paper Packing

Peaceful White Carnation

Product Contains:

- Bouquet of 12 White Carnations

Vase of Roses N Carnations

Product Contains:

- 20 Red Rose and 7 Red Carnation in a Square Glass vase 4x4x4 Inches.

Glorious Sunrise

The name is completely justified. 50 yellow roses are used to decorate the bouquet. Green leaves are used in the edge of the bouquet. The entire flowers and leaves are wrapped with orange and yellow paper. Yellow thread are used to tie for the gathering the flowers. The combination is very bright as well as sober and apt for any occasion.

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 50 Yellow Roses

Grandeur Arrangement

Product Contains:

- Arrangement of 30 Red Roses and 2 Pink Lilies in a Basket

Dairy Milk N Roses Vase

Product Contains:

- Vase Arrangement of 7 DairyMilk (Each- 13g) and 6 Pink Roses


10 red roses bunch and half kg chocolate cake.


Product Contains:

- 10 Red Roses-

- Half Kg Chocolate Cake


L Stands For Love

Product Contains:

- L Shape Arrangement of 30 Red Roses

Sweet Treats

Product Contains:

- Vase Arrangement of 15 Pink Roses and 12 Kitket (each 18Gms)

Basket Of Lovely Roses

Roses are used in many occasions. Even a single rose can be gifted in occasion or on a special day. It looks lovely and you can make someone special by giving red roses. Here 18 roses are arranged in beautiful manner. The 14 roses are arranged in a base of the basket and 4 roses are arranged vertically.

Product Contains:

- Basket Of of 18 Red Roses

Vibrant Mix Roses

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 50 mixed colors roses

Graceful Touch

Product Contains:

- Arrangement of Pink Carnations, Red Roses and White Gerberas in a clear glass vase

Yellow Roses Bouquet

An extremely stunning bouquet of 10 Yellow roses expresses aspiration and the pulsation warmth of new love which shows that you are totally in love. It is a matchless mode to convey your attractions towards your partner on your vital occasions.

Product Contains:

- 10 Yellow Roses

Warm Wishes

6 Yellow roses bunch, half kg chocolate cake, 5 dairy milk chocolates and 6″ teddy.

Product Contains:

- 6 Yellow roses in yellow paper packing.
- Half kg chocolate cake
- 5 Dairy milk chocolate
- A 6" teddy


Lovely Red Roses

Product Contains:

- Bouquet of 12 Red Roses in Pink Paper Packing

White Roses Bunch

White roses signify clean and deepest feelings. It can express the meaning of worship, pleasure, honor, and appreciation. It is an enormous bouquet of 12 white roses to be gifted to someone whom you truly appreciate.

Product Contains:

- 12 White Roses


A bouquet of hundred outlooks is packed in this stunning collection of vivid particularly bunch of Roses. It’s vivacious and graceful huddle of flora to be outstanding to your close to and valued ones on their outstanding existence.

Product Contains:

- 10 Red Roses

Enchanted Combo

Bunch of 6 exotic purple Orchids in pink paper packing and pink ribbon combined with 500gm black forest cake and a cute teddy bear.

Product Contains:

- 6 Purple orchid in pink paper packing
- Half kg black forest cake
- Teddy Bear 6 inches


Roses N Greeting Card

A bunch of 10 red roses and greeting card.

Product Contains:

- 10 Red Roses
- Greeting Card

Flawless Love

Bunch of 6 Pink Roses in a pink paper wrap and pink ribbon with 5 Cadbury Chocolates (13gm each) & 6 inch Cute Soft toy.


Product Contains:

- 6 Pink Roses in paper packing
- 5 Cadbury dairy milk
- Teddy Bear 6 inches

Mixed Roses Bouquet

Product Contains:

- 10 Mix Roses in Paper Packing


Whatever the occasion or success party may be, our mixed roses bouquet assorted with 10 red, white, pink and yellow hand-picked, full-bloomed roses with green leaves wrapped in paper, is the perfect gift option.

Lovely Gift Hampers

Product Contains:

- 12 Red Rose

- Red packing Paper

- Red Ribbon

- 300 grams Ferrero Rocher chocolates

White Roses Vase

This attractive bouquet of flowers is containing 12 white roses in a beautiful transparent vase along with attractive greenery. It is an ideal gift that can be gifted to your dear once on their special occasions.

Product Contains:

- 12 White Roses
- 1 Glass Vase

Pink Gerberas Bouquet

Pink gerberas are not only signing of soberness but it refreshes as well. The entire bouquet contains 10 pink gerberas with long sticks. A transparent paper is used to wrap this flower. Pink thread is used to gather this flower.

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 10 pink gerberas

Sizzling Red Roses Bunch

If what is in your heart is love, simply speak up about it. This sizzling red roses bunch will surely make your proposal easier by setting the perfect tune for the special occasion. Red roses have been being used for quite a while for expressing sincere love and romance. As an anniversary, birthday, or Valentine's Day gift, you can go ahead with this flower bunch, which comprises of 12 red roses.

Product Contains:

- 12 Red Roses in Red Tissue Wrapping.

Yellow Roses Vase

The yellow colour is practically associated to the sun and hence it can be gifted to cheer up people’s life. Grab this exclusive bouquet of 12 yellow roses elegantly arranged in a beautiful vase.

Product Contains:

- 12 Yellow Roses
- 1 Glass Vase

Joy of Love

Product Contains:

- Vase Arrangement of 18 Red Roses and 1 Lily Flower

Yellow Roses Bunch

Make a wonderful impact on your dear ones on any particular occasion. Gift them a beautiful bouquet of 15 yellow roses. Offer this bouquet to your best friend on this wonderful friendship day to appreciate the true bond of your friendship.

Product Contains:

- 15 Yellow Roses

Red Delight

Product Contains:

- 24 Long Stem Red Roses in a Glass Vase

Graceful Pink Roses Bouquet

Our gorgeous pink bouquet filled with 12 perfectly shaped full-bloomed hand-picked sweet pink roses arranged with green leaves tied up in a green ribbon is the perfect choice to express warm wishes.


Product Contains:

- 12 Pink Roses

- A Bouquet


Orchid Love

Obtain a sigh of support after looking this astonishing bunch of purple orchids achieved in this bouquet! 6-stem purple orchids are wrapped pleasingly in a cellophane packing with a pink ribbon bow



Product Contains:

- 6 Stem Purple Orchid Bouquet in a Cellophane Packing with Pink Ribbon

Celebration Red Roses Bouquet

Red is not always for the couples. Celebrate your beastie’s success party with this hand-picked bright and gorgeous 10 red roses wrapped in a red Tissue paper and tied up in a red ribbon.

Product Contains:

- 10 Red Roses in Red Paper Packing

Love Knot

Product Contains:

- Bunch of 16 Red and White Roses

Vivid Memories

Product Contains:

- 25 Red & White Roses in red and white paper packing.

Royal Treat

6 purple orchids bunch with 6″ teddy and half kg chocolate cake.

Product Contains:

- 6 Purple orchid bunch in pink paper packing.
- Half kg chocolate cake.
- A 6" teddy.

Red & Pink Roses Heart

Flatter your beloved on her birthday or Valentine’s Day by sending our red and pink roses heart containing fresh,30 hand-picked red and pink roses combined with fresh seasonal green leaves.


Product Contains:

- 30 Red & Pink Roses with Green Leaves

Red Roses & White Glads Basket

Express your true feelings by sending our unique red roses and white glads basket filled with 12 full-bloomed, hand-picked red roses and 10 fresh white gladiolus along with specific green leaves assorted together in a basket.


Product Contains:

- 12 Red Roses

- 10 Glads

- A Basket

Pink Roses Bunch

Send our perfect floral bouquet of fresh and hand-picked 12 bright pink roses wrapped in a cellophane paper alongside fresh green season leaves to show your affection or love that your dearest one will be amazed at.

Product Contains:

- 12 Pink roses in Cellophane Wrapping

Love U Sweetheart

Product Contains:

- Heart shaped Arrangement of Thirty Five Red Roses

- 12- inch Teddy

Mix Carnation Bunch

Send your best wishes with our 12 mixed carnation bouquet filled with bright red, yellow, pink and peach colored hand-picked carnations along with green leaves and tiny white flowers tied up in a yellow ribbon.


Product Contains:

- 12 Mix Carnation



Red Roses Bouquet Large

Express your heartiest love for your soul mate by sending our amazing red roses bouquet large containing 50 fresh, full-bloomed and hand-picked red roses with fresh green leaves arranged in a bouquet.

Product Contains;

- 50 Red Roses with Green Leave 

Love Divine

8 red roses bunch with 5 dairy milk chocolates and 6″ teddy.


Product Contains:

- 8 Red Roses in red paper packing
- 5 Cadbury dairy milk chocolate
- Teddy Bear 6 inches

Choco Teddy Basket

Whether it is Rakshabandhan or Valentine’s Day, our special basket loaded with 8 Cadbury chocolates, 8 red roses and a cute red-white teddy tied up in a ribbon can pull up an instant smile on your special one’s face

Product Contains:

- 8 Cadbury Dairy Milk of 12.5gm
- 8 Red Roses
- 1 6" Teddy
- 1 Round basket

Tempting Pink Roses

Product Contains:

- Vase Arrangement of 20 Pink Roses

Elegance 12 Pink Roses Bouquet

Elegance 12 Pink Roses Bouquet


Product Contains:

- 12 Pink Roses

- Pink Packing Paper

- Pink Ribbon

- Green Fillers

White Carnation Basket

The white carnations represent your love, care, and affection for your loving partner. Present these attractive flowers to your partner and express your long-lasting and visor dedication for them. Obtain this charming basket of 12 white carnations and make your partner happy.

Product Contains:

- 12 White Carnations
- 1 Basket

Rainbow Roses

Our beautiful bouquet filled with 30 fresh roses in colors of red, white, yellow, orange, pink along with fresh seasonal leaves wrapped in a white paper can be a perfect gift for any occasion.

Product Contains:

- 30 Mix roses in White Paper Wrapping

Be My Valentine

 50 Red Roses in heart-shaped arrangement and 6" teddy.

Product Contains:

- 50 Red Roses
- A cute 6" Teddy

Graceful Red Roses Bouquet

Send our graceful red bouquet filled with 12 perfectly shaped full-bloomed hand-picked intense red roses assorted with green leaves in a green ribbon is perfect to express love for your beloved.


Product Contains:

- 12 Red Roses



8 pink roses bunch with half kg pineapple cake.


Product Contains:

- 8 Pink Roses

- Half Kg Pineapple Cake


Mix Gerbera Arrangement

Make your dearest one feel more special with our beautiful mix gerbera arrangement filled with 17 numbers of full-bloomed, fresh, hand-picked white, red and pink gerberas along with beautiful green leaves.

Product Contains:

- 17 Mix Gerberas

Red Roses bouquet
An extremely stunning bouquet of 8 red roses expresses aspiration and the pulsation warmth of new love which shows that you are totally in love. It is a matchless mode to convey your attractions towards your partner on your vital occasions.
Red Roses Bouquet

Treat your special one to by sending our beautiful red roses bouquet containing 12 fresh, full-bloomed and hand-picked red roses with fresh green leaves wrapped in a pink cellophane paper tied up in a pink ribbon.


Product Contains:

- 12 Red Roses



Send Your Love through Elegant Flowers Online To Hyderabad

If you are still looking for the perfect gift to send to your dear ones in the City of Pearls, order their favorite flowers online. These vibrant blossoms speak a special language without words that can articulate your emotions perfectly for you. Be it a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentine's Day, Father’s Day, Raksha Bandhan, Holi, Diwali, or any other occasion, the best gifting idea for all events will always be flowers. Send flowers online to Hyderabad with MyFlowerApp, and wish your dearly loved ones on their special day. Whether you are trying to say Sorry, Thank you, Get Well Soon, Congratulations, or sending lovely bouquets just because you felt like it, you can find the best flowers for every occasion available here. Order their favorite flowers set in vases, bouquets, and baskets, or get them set in gorgeous designs that will express your emotions perfectly. Get vibrant fresh roses, gerberas, carnations, lilies, orchids, tulips, birds of paradise, and other exotic flowers or go for mixed flowers and floral arrangements. From Heart in Heart Red Flower Bouquet to Double Rose Heart, Red Roses Tall Arrangement, Entire Roses from Garden, Number Flower Arrangement, Alphabet Flower Arrangement Personalized, Carnation and Lilies Arrangement, Mix Gerbera Arrangement, and so many more – order your preferred designs and our expert florists and artisans will deliver exactly what you want. So this year, be a part of all festivities with the special people in your life, even if you are not physically present, with MyFlowerApp’s online flower delivery to Hyderabad.

Order the Best Flowers in Hyderabad Online With the Finest Florists MyFlowerApp

Overcome the hurdles our hectic lifestyle puts across our relations this year, with MyFlowerApp’s online flower delivery to Hyderabad. Be a part of the celebration despite the distance between you and your dearly loved ones, by being in their thoughts through dazzling flowers sent online directly to their doorsteps. Place your order for anywhere in the City of Nizams and we will deliver for you anytime you want. Our customers and their emotions matter to us, and we work hard in ensuring that your affections reach their destination on time. Your order will contain only fresh flowers and classy flower arrangements set artistically. With multi-hued blooms delivered directly to your doorsteps professionally, you will receive the best services throughout the HITECH City. With the wisdom of trusted local florists behind us and the best flower shops in Telangana serving you, you can rest assured that everything you receive will be in pristine condition. Select your favorite flowers and arrangements from our extensive range and get delivery within 3 hours anywhere in Hyderabad. You can now send your love, anywhere in the city without burning a hole in your pocket with our magnificent flower arrangements for all budgets and free shipping throughout. Get gorgeous handpicked flowers delivered at your doorstep anytime with our Midnight, same-day, and express delivery service options. With our adept, expert florists and artisans working on your beautiful flowers, we guarantee you quality assurance. Along with the flowers, you can also send cakes, chocolates, personalized gifts, and more as add-ons or order from our expansive selection of economic combos for every occasion. Send flowers to Hyderabad with, and leave everything else on us. Complete your order with easy and secure payment options and we will deliver your gifts to your home on time and in immaculate condition.

Send Your Love with Same Day Flower Delivery Anywhere in Hyderabad

Are you sad because you missed planning the perfect gift for your dear one? Worry not, because MyFlowerApp has the solution for you. Often dates slip our minds due to our hectic lifestyles or we do not get the time to buy the gift. The solution to all your issues is here. Place your order for the exact present you wish to send to your dearly beloved and we will deliver them for you anywhere in the World Capital of Biryani. You can send your affection wrapped with the soft petals of dazzling flowers today by opting for same day delivery or send them anywhere in Hyderabad within 3 hours by going for express delivery. You can also plan the perfect surprise for your darling midnight delivery and send their favorite flowers as the clock chimes twelve. Or brighten up their entire day with early morning flower delivery to Hyderabad and be their first thought on their special day. Select gorgeous flowers that they will love or order floral arrangements that express your emotions perfectly for your mother, father, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, brother, in-laws, friends, or any other dearly beloved. Get online Flower delivery in Hyderabad anytime you prefer, with elegant products like Basket of Pink Lily, Graceful Red Roses Bouquet, Orchids and Mix Roses Arrangement, Pink Roses Heart, Basket of Sweet Emotion, Red Gerbera Vase, and more.

Send Flowers and Gifts Online to Hyderabad This Valentine’s Day Online with MyFlowerApp

Valentine’s Day is one of the most awaited days for couples. If you have been waiting to celebrate this occasion with your beloved as well, but the distance between you both is hampering your plans, MyFlowerApp is here to save the day for you. Articulate your emotions for your soul mate and send your love through online flower delivery in Hyderabad on the most romantic day of the year. This 14 February, let the flowers do the talking for you. Order elegant red roses, their favorite flowers, or heart-shaped floral arrangements, and get them delivered directly to your darling’s doorsteps. Place an order for vibrant flowers and other gifts that express your emotions perfectly and let us be your Cupid, as we deliver your affection to your sweetheart. From multihued roses to romantic lilies orchids, carnations, gerberas, bird of paradise, and many other exotic flowers, get professional delivery of fresh blooms for your partner anywhere in Hyderabad. Along with these beauties, you can also express your affection through cakes, chocolates, soft toys, personalized gifts and more. These are all available online at, in combos and as add-ons that you can include with the flowers, or buy separately. Get chocolate cake, butterscotch cake, strawberry cake, Ferrero Rocher, personalized cushion, mugs, photo frames, key chains, etc. and express your love for the love of your life. You can get a gift for your love, that is entirely theirs by ordering from our personalized gifts range and getting your memorable moments or something significant oriented on them along with some romantic text. Or get them something they enjoy like green plants for the one with a green thumb or Valentine Serenades for every day of Valentine Week. Place your order for a Desert Rose or the Lucky Bamboo, or send combos and gifts for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, days of Valentine. Whether you wish to express your love for your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or husband on Valentine’s Day or are celebrating any special event with your family and friends, MyFlowerApp will come through for you. Express your heartfelt emotions of love, affection, care, gratitude, and respect anywhere you want including Indian cities like Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, etc. and overseas as well.

What Is The Process For Placing An Order For Flower Delivery To Hyderabad?

The process of placing an order with us is actually quite simple. Peruse through our extensive selection of gorgeous flowers at our website, move to the link ‘Hyderabad’ under ‘Flowers’, in the menu ‘Cities’. Select your favorite flowers or floral arrangements from the numerous options available. Click on the product, and then Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button below it. Add other products from the add-ons menu that appears and select ‘Continue’, or click on ‘No thanks’. Once you are done shopping, click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’, and enter all the necessary information that is required. Complete your payment with our easy and secure payment options, and we will process your order, and send it with much love, straight to your dear ones.

Can I Get A Combo Of Cake Along With The Flowers?

We have the options of numerous Flowers n Cakes combos for you to select from. Alternatively, you can also place an order for one of our floral arrangements and include any cake of your choice from the add-ons menu, and we will deliver them together, wherever and whenever you want.

Is Flower Delivery In Hyderabad Possible Today?

Yes! By opting for our same-day delivery option after selecting your preferred bouquet, vase, basket, or arrangement, you can get same-day flower delivery in Hyderabad. If you are in a hurry, we also have the option of express delivery with which we will reach your destination within 3 hours.

Can I Send Flowers to Hyderabad At Midnight?

Yes. We have the option of midnight delivery for the Hyderabad area. As long as you place your order by 8 p.m., we can be at your destination with gorgeous, fresh flowers, anytime between 23.30 to 00.00 hours.

How Can I Opt For Fixed Time Flower Delivery? What Is It?

Fixed Time Flower Delivery is an option that we provide to our customers in Hyderabad who need to send flowers at a specific time. Once you have placed your order, you can then select from the numerous time slots available and we will deliver fresh blooms at the time you select.

Can I Send Flowers Very Early In The Morning, In Hyderabad?

Yes! For the ones planning a surprise bright and early, MyFlowerApp has the option of early morning flower delivery for Hyderabad. After placing your order for your preferred flowers, opt for this option during checkout and we will deliver them anywhere in the city between 8 AM to 11 AM.

Do You Charge Some Extra Amount For Midnight, Same-Day, Or Fixed Time Flower Delivery In Hyderabad?

There are some token extra charges for quick flower delivery for specific times. The amount will be included with your order value during checkout.

Do You Have A Standard Flower Delivery Option for Those Who Don’t Want To Pay Extra?

MyFlowerApp caters to the needs of all customers. If you want to send flowers to your dear ones in Hyderabad without burning a hole in your pocket, you can go for our Standard Time Flower Delivery option. During checkout, a calendar will pop up from which you can choose a date you are comfortable with, and then select a time slot from the list that appears next.

Will My Order Contain Fresh Flowers?

Yes, all our deliveries feature only garden fresh flowers, handpicked by professionals. Regardless of what you order - bouquets, bunches, baskets, vases, or arrangements of any flowers, they will all include only fresh blossoms. However, to preserve this freshness, you will need to care for the flowers as well. Put your bunch in fresh water, and cut flowers at 1 to 2 inches of the stems at a 45-degree angle if they start drooping. Spray them daily, use a clean vase, and change the water regularly.

Our Customers in Hyderabad about Our Services

Their florists are quite proficient with the bouquets. I ordered a Red Mixed Flower Bouquet, and it was delivered to Gachibowli on time and so beautiful with so many different flowers.
Mannika Mishra
I ordered the 1000 Roses Bouquet and it was perfectly arranged and better than expected. The delivery person took care of it and it was delivered on time.
Abha Thakur
Very professional service. My order for my wife was delivered on time on Valentine’s Day exactly as I wanted. I had ordered a Fascinate Vase Arrangement with a box of Ferrero Rocher and the flowers were arranged so beautifully. Thank you MyFlowerApp.
Amandeep Singh
I love this website. Excellent service, on-time delivery, and beautiful flowers delivered every time. Keep it up MyFlowerApp.
Nikita Grover
Very Beautiful roses. It made a smile on my friends face when she got the beautiful Pink Carnival bouquet. Thank you for your great service.
Nitin Singh Choudhary
Quick and friendly Customer support team in case of any changes to be made. Also, I would like to convey my THANKS for all your delightful and timely service. I'm extremely delighted. Thanks once again! Cheers!
Lavanya Tiwari

Areas in Hyderabad We Cater To

The list below contains the names of some areas where we definitely deliver:
Banjara Hills, Gachibowli, Jublee hills, Ameerpet, Hi-Tech city, Madhapur, Kondapur, Kukatpally, Begumpet, Whitefields, Manikonda, Hakimpet, Toli Chowki, Miyapur, Nizampet, Hafeezpet, Mehdipatnam, Malakpet, Nampally, Saidabad, Amberpet, Humayun Nagar, Mansoorabad, Shanti Nagar, King Kothi, Abids, Lakdikapul, Punjagutta, Himayat Nagar, Kacheguda, Narayanguda, Chikkadpally, Nallakunta, Charminar, Patthargatti, Afzalgunj, Shalibanda, Falaknuma, Dabirpura,Yakutpura, Purani Haveli, Begumpet, Secunderabad, Malkajgiri, Trimulghery, Alwal, Kundanbagh, Kukkatpally, Miyapur, Bharat Nagar, Nanakramguda, Uppal, Kapra, Dilsukhnagar, LB Nagar, Gaddiannaram, Saroornagar, Apollo Hospital, Osmania General Hospital, Medwin Hospital, Owaisi Hospital, Yashoda Hospital, Caremotto, Omega Hospital, University of Hyderabad, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Osmania University, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University, Osmania Medical College, Gandhi Medical College, International Institute of Information Technology, Institute of Public Enterprise, the Administrative Staff College of India, the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy, Balaji Temple, Ujjaini Mahankali Temple, Birla Mandir, Puri Jagannath Temple, St Joseph's Cathedral, Badshai Masjid, Charminar Masjid, St. George's Church, Taj Deccan, Taj Falaknuma Palace, Novotel Accor, Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre, Quality Inn Residency, Minerva Grand, Inorbit Mall, Minerva Grand, Manjeera Mall, City Center Mall, MPM Timesquare Mall, Padmavathi Shopping Mall, Ashoka Golden Mall, Hyderabad Deccan Station or Nampally Station, Secunderabad railway station, Hyderabad railway station, Kachiguda railway station, Begumpet railway station, and so many more such locations.
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