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Designer Cakes

Make the special day of your dear ones grander, by sending them these designer cakes by MyFlowerApp. Choose from our wide range, or customize your own – and buy a cake depicting what they love best. Let your tot select their favorite – Cars, Panda, football, cricket, Hello Kitty, and so on. We will deliver on time and with utmost care.

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Butter Scotch Designer Cake

This is one of the mouth-watering cakes with crispy chunks of Butterscotch which is further mixed with silky caramel. The pleasant Butterscotch Cake is the astonishing flavor among the sweet-lovers. The butterscotch cake is preferred by all age people.


Product Contains:

- Half Kg Butterscotch Cake

Pink Rose Heart Cake

The Heart Shaped Pink rose cake enrich with strawberry cream and suitable for someone who loves strawberry. It is the perfect gift for many occasions and different ages. You can surprise your loved one by gifting her pink rose heart cake.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Heart Shape Strawberry Cake As Per Image

Tom Cake

1 Kg vanilla flavour designer cake.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg vanilla flavour designer cake (As per Image)


Cricket Ground Cake

1 Kg Vanilla semi fondant cake.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Vanilla Semi Fondant cake (As per Image)

Special Super Dad Cake

The entire cake is circular in shape and deep sky in color. At the middle A red color pentagon is given. In this pentagon, “S” is written by using red cream. Yellow cream is used in the pentagon to highlight the “S”. At the edge, Super Dad is written in a yellow color within a red shaped rectangle.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Vanilla Fondant Cake

Happy Birthday Truffle cake

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Semi-Fondant Chocolate Truffle Cake

Cool Dad Emoji Cake

The relationship between children and their fathers is very precious and cannot express in words. To cherish the relationship, this cake is appropriate. This cake is structured as an emoji. The entire color is yellow and at the top one eye is closed and one is opened and a mustache are found. At the base small yellow circular balls are given for the border.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Chocolate Cream Cake

Rabbit Cake

1.5 Kg Vanilla Cake in rabbit shape.

Product Contains:

- 1.5 Kg Vanilla cake (As per Image)

Desirable Red Velvet cake

Red describes many thing your courage, blood even stop sign so how can you not include this colour into your happiness by buying this delectable 1 kg red velvet cake. it is no wonder the taste of this wonderful dessert are already heaven shaking and them if shaded a bit it looks are also alluring that you cannot stop but want to taste this cake.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Red Velvet Cake.

Choco Almond Cake

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Chocolate Almond Cake

Cookie Monster Cake

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Chocolate Fondant Cake

Special Birthday Designer Cake

Product Contains:

- 1.5 Kg Chocolate Fondant Cake

Love Adoration

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Vanilla Heart Shaped Cake

Mickey Mouse Cake

This 1 kg of chocolate fondant cake is a best for children who watch cartoons and/or children who grew up watching a lot of Mickey Mouse series. This red fondant mickey mouse cake with yellow and white polka dots and the iconic mickey mouse face structure will instantly make you happy and make smile seeing the smile that Mickey delivers. This cake will definitely take you back to your childhood.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Chocolate Fondant cake (As per Image)

Kiss Me Truffle Cake

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Chocolate Truffle semi fondant cake as per image.

Cake For Your Love

1 Kg Vanilla heart-shaped fondant cake.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Vanilla Fondant cake (As per Image)

Panda Cake

1 Kg Choco Vanilla cake.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Choco vanilla cake (As per Image)

Special Celebration Cake

This cake is apt for any special celebration. This very colorful and sober cake. The shape of this cake is circular and multicolor is used to increase the beauty of this cake. In the middle multicolor stars are used vertically. It gives a 3D effect. White cream balls are used on the top and side.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Vanilla Fondant Cake

Round Spider Man cake

1 Kg chocolate semi fondant cake.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Chocolate Semi Fondant cake (As per Image)

Special Father's Day Designer Cake

We are pretty sure for this upcoming special day you must be planning something so why not buy this “special father’s day designer cake” which includes 1 kg vanilla cream cake, hand crafted daddy with brown choco powder which looks delicious and humorous at the same time. Do order this delicacy in your special occasions and I am sure your father will absolutely love it.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Vanilla Cream Cake

Harry Potter Fondant Cakes

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Chocolate Fondant Cake

Christmas Gift Box Cake

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Chocolate Fondant Cake as per image

Floating Hearts Cake

Special occasions are coming up like Valentine’s Day or your girlfriend’s birthday... wondering what are the gifts that you could gift her. Strawberry flavours are loved by all – you cannot argument here. So, why not order for 1 kg strawberry cake with floating hearts mixed in it. It will just make the atmosphere more romantic. No need to think too much this is really a great choice!

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Strawberry Cake

Kit-Kat Cake

This is the unsurpassed cake for your little kids. The cake is loaded with gems and KitKat chocolates which make it perfect for a chocolate and gems lover and lip-smacking taste that define this scrumptious cake.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg KitKat Chocolate Cake

Glorious Spiderman Cake

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Chocolate Fondant Cake

3 Tier Chocolate Truffle Cake

Product Contains:

- 5 Kg 3 Tier Chocolate Truffle Cake

Black Forest Love Cake

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Black forest Heart Shaped Cake

First Birthday Cake

If you are planning to make your kid’s first birthday special and tremendous, then this cake is a fantastic idea which you can adopt without any hassle and make this special occasion memorable.


Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Designer Cake As Per Image

Red Barbie Cake

Could there be any doubt found when you ask a girl child - which doll is there is favourite one? No, the answer whole heartedly would be “Barbie”. And when their birthday comes the greatest surprise to them would be their favourite Barbie cake. In addition there is also 2 Kg Chocolate Cake added in those delightful looking chocolate cake. Chocolates have no comparison ask any kid.

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Chocolate Cake (As per Image)

Gym Cake

This cake is asymmetrical and a beautiful cake. The entire cake is deep sky color. It is appropriate for birthday celebration, occasion in gym, etc. On the top black and white color dumbbells, anchors, bodybuilding diet like egg and banana is found. Happy Birthday message is written on the top. Flavor of this cake is vanilla and quantity is 2 kg.

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Vanilla Fondant Cake

2 Tier New Year Fondant Cake

Product Contains:

- 2 kg chocolate fondant cake as per image.

Funny Minion Cake

This minion cake makes every people fall in love with it. If your kids, a big fan of this cartoon than delighting your little ones with this delicious cake on their birthday and another special occasion.


Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Funny Minion Cake

Barbie Cake

Make your little one’s birthday exceptionally special with this wonderful 2 Kg baby pink and white dressed yet superb tasty Barbie cake. Definitely, your princess will love this gift that to cherish for a lifetime.


Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Cake


3 Tier Chocolate Cake

whether it’s an anniversary or birthday celebration, a special occasion cannot be completed without our traditionally designed chocolate cake overloaded with tasty chocolates and creams. Those chocolate-made flower petals are the USP.

Product Contains:

- 3 Kg Chocolate Cake

Happy New Year Special Cake

Product Contains:

- 2 kg chocolate fondant cake.

Two Tier Strawberry Cake

It’s an appetizing two-tier strawberry cake. This cake is the wonderful gift for someone who loves strawberry flavor most. Imagine how the delicious two-tier strawberry cake is going to rock the eve!

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Strawberry Cake

Father's Day Moustache Cake

The essence of fathers is a big fat moustache; it's almost like the call "daddy" doesn't really work without a moustache in sight. The Father's Day Moustache Cake is a perfect blend of taste, descent designing, a thick moustache and a fedora. The cake is a playful sight and is a perfect gift if you want to make the wish out of your youthful exuberance.

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Vanilla Cake

Chocolaty Barbie Cake

Wishing to buy a cake which a child will absolutely love than here it is Barbie cakes. Child most loved Barbie is always precious to their heart and if once converted into cake you cannot imagine there absolute happiness and it is just not about Barbie but also about the 2 kg chocolate mixed in it. Ask anyone is chocolate ever not enough with their heavenly taste?

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Chocolate Cake

Minion Cake

Minions are undoubtedly cute, funny, charming get a classic minion cake for a fabulous birthday party for your kids. As it is a mouth-muttering for them. This minion Cake is a true delight and its mouth-muttering taste can make every people go crazy.


Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Minion Cake

Adorable Mickey Cake

1 Kg vanilla flavour Fondant designer cake.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Vanilla Fondant Cake (As per image)

Jungle Theme Cake

Product Contains:

- 3 Kg Fondant Chocolate cake

Princess Cake

Make your little princess’s upcoming birthday special by ordering our cute and yummy 2 Kg princess cake made of pink and white soft cream and multicolored polka dots on it. She is definitely going to love this cake.

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Designer Cake

2 Tier Rose Cake

Express your feelings in the perfect way with the help of our very special 2 Kg 2-tier rose cake decorating with hundreds of roses in dark and light shades of pink cream.

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Vanilla Cake

New Year Choco Fondant Cake

Product Contains:

- 1 kg chocolate fondant cake as per image.

3 Tier Vanilla Cream Cake

This 3 tier vanilla cream cake is appropriate for all occasions like office party, birthday party, anniversary, etc. It looks nice and consists of vanilla flavor. The color is entirely white and has 3 tiers, large, medium, small on the top. Each edge of the tier is decorated by white cream and multicolor beads. This cake is available from 3 kg. Make it Eggless, you can pay an extra 100 rupees.

Product Contains:

- 3 Kg vanilla flavour cake (As per Image)

Spider Man Cake

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Chocolate Fondant Cake

White and Pink barbie Cake

First of all barbie doll is all-time favorite toys for kids and girls in some cases. This cake is decorated followed by a barbie doll. Color combination is always very demanding pink and white color. This cake is starting from 2 kg. This cake is available in any flavor and if you want to make it eggless, give extra 100 rupees.

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Designer Cake as Per Image (Any Flavour)

Heart Eye Emoji Cake

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Chocolate Fondant Cake

Blue Barbie Fondant Cake

Try something new for the birthday bash of your little princess. Our special blue fondant cake with the beautiful white and blue dressed Barbie is just the perfect choice to celebrate the occasion.


Prdouct Contains:

-2 Kg White and Blue Barbie Fondant Cake



3 Tier Pink and Green Cake with Roses

3Kg 3 tier pink and green fondant cake with roses.


Product Contains:

- 3 Kg Fondant cake (As per Image)

Flavorsome Red Velvet Cake

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Heart Shaped Red Velvet Cake with Half Red Velvet cream and Other half vanilla cream.

Teachers Scotch Whisky Cake

3 kg fondant chocolate truffle designer cake.

Product Contains:

- 3 Kg Chocolate Truffle Fondant cake (As per Image)

Wishful Barbie Cake

This wishful Barbie cake is so beautiful, it will get even any 20 years old try and convince her parents for this cake. It is a beautiful 2 kg chocolate fondant cake with Barbie in her beautiful pinkish purple gown standing tall on the cake. With a bow and roses around the periphery at the base, the cake looks way beyond words can describe.

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Chocolate Fondant Cake (As per Image)

Spiderman  Cake

1 Kg vanilla flavour designer cake.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg vanilla designer Cake (As per Image)

Orange Gown Barbie Cake

Your little girl is one of the most important people in your life, as daughters are always precious to their parents. For most young girls, there are few figures more recognizable than the memorable Barbie, a cartoon that has become world famous over the world in recent times. Make your daughter’s birthday special with a Orange Gown Barbie cake, choosing different colors of the 22 kg vanilla cake to suit your daughter’s wishes!

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Vanilla Cake (As per Image)

Cricket Bat Ball Cake

We all have grew up watching cricket and at some point, desired to play cricket in the long run. Some actually did make their career while some still struggled to convince their parents for a cricket kit while currently, there are little babies who love cricket and aspire to be one of the celebrated sports in our country. This 2 kg chocolate cake is for them. The pitch, cricket bat with the message and stomps.

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Chocolate Fondant cake (As per Image)

2 Tier Vanilla Rose Cake

2kg 2 tier vanilla flavour cake.

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg vanilla cake (As per Image)

Delicious Truffle Heart Cake

Product Description:

- 1 Kg Heart Shape Chocolate Truffle Cake



Order Designer Cakes Online and Improve Your Already Amazing Party

Like icing on the cake, add to your already stunning party, by ordering gorgeous Designer Cakes for your dear one online with MyFlowerApp . Get their favorite cakes set in designs they will definitely love. Select from a plethora of flavors like red velvet, chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, pineapple, coffee, and more. Now choose something that your loved one enjoys, and we will deliver a cake with designs related to that, whenever you want. For your future cricketer, you can order ‘ Cricket Bat Ball Cake’, order the ‘ Football Cake’ for your next footballer, get the ‘Baby Shower’ cake and send best wishes to the new mother-to-be, or wish a ‘Happy New Year’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ with our delicious fondant cakes. Quickly place your order for the one you love best, according to the occasion, and get them delivered directly to your doorsteps, anywhere in India. Get free shipping throughout the country, including major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Pune, and Kolkata.

Get the Best Designer Cakes for Your Dear Ones Online with MyFlowerApp

Be it a birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Raksha Bandhan, New Year, or any other occasion, MyFlowerApp is here with dazzling Designer Cakes for you. Order elegant designs from a widespread range consisting of Floating Hearts Cake, Funny Minion Cake, 3 Tier Chocolate Cake, Blue Graduation Cake, Chocolate Wedding Cake, and more. We will deliver them to you, anywhere and anytime, according to your wish. You can also include amazing gifts like flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, perfumes, personalized gifts and so much more with your package. Order scrumptious combos consisting of magnificent flowers n chocolates and more to go with your designer cake. You can also get them something unique and personal like a personalized mug, cushions, key rings, etc. with pictures of your memorable moments on them. Or get some plants like Lucky Bamboo or Desert Rose for your loved one who enjoys gardening. Whatever you wish to add-on with your delectable cake, you will find them all here. Simply order and we will deliver for you, whenever and wherever you want.

Send Stunning, Designer Cakes Anywhere with MyFlowerApp’s Express Delivery

Place your order for enchanting Designer Cakes with MyFlowerApp and we will deliver freshly made, spectacular cakes in your favored designs and flavors to your doorsteps. You can send your affection through these baked delights anywhere you want, throughout India or even overseas. You need to order these special designer cakes 24 hours in advance, according to the complexity of the designs. If you are planning a surprise for your near and dear one, you can opt for an early morning or midnight delivery. We will help you make your surprise party even better with timely delivery and impeccable, tasty cakes. Now, you can even send your love through these delish treats outside India, to countries like Australia, Sweden, South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America, Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, and France.
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