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Christmas Cakes

Commemorate the Christmas spirit by sending these scrumptious Christmas cakes to your loved ones, with MyFlowerApp. Order these yum delights, available in chocolate, vanilla, mango, coffee, and so many other flavors and designs. We will deliver them for you, anywhere in India, within 3 hours with our express, midnight, and same-day delivery services.

Christmas Plum Cake
Plumcaket Contains:

- Plum cake 500gms

Christmas Fondant Cake

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Chocolate Fondant Cake as per image.

Christmas HoHo Cake

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Chocolate Fondant Cake as per image.

Merry Christmas Cake

1 Kg Chocolate Fondant Cake as per image.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Chocolate Fondant Cake as per image.


Snow White Cake

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Vanilla Cake as per image


Christmas Cake From Santa

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Chocolate Fondant Cake As Per Image

Decorative Christmas Cake

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Chocolate Fondant Cake as per image.

3 Tier Vanilla Cream Cake

3 Kg vanilla cream cake.


Product Contains:

- 3 Kg vanilla flavour cake (As per Image)

Love Emoji Cake

1 kg pineapple flavour Emoji cake.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg pineapple cake (As per Image)

Cake For Your Love

1 Kg Vanilla heart-shaped fondant cake.

Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Vanilla Fondant cake (As per Image)

Guitar Cake

3 Kg chocolate flavour cake.

Product Contains:

- 3 Kg Chocolate cake (As per Image)

Eggless Black Forest Cake

The unsurpassed black-forest cake made with the mixture of juicy cherries, whipped and fresh cream and silky chocolate. Have it fast so that you would not regret last. The cake is better with handcrafted white and brown chocolate.

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Eggless Black Forest Cake

Wishful Barbie Cake

2 Kg Chocolate Fondant Cake.

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Chocolate Fondant Cake (As per Image)

Angry Bird Cake

This angry-bird-cake is prepared delightfully to make kids fabulous eager and pleased on their birthdays or any other special occasions. The cake is elegantly designed in an angry-bird face. This cake will certainly get you everlasting pleasure on your kid’s birthday.


Product Contains:

- 1 Kg Theme Cake As Per Image

3 Tier Pink and Green Cake with Roses

3Kg 3 tier pink and green fondant cake with roses.


Product Contains:

- 3 Kg Fondant cake (As per Image)

Vanilla Cake

This is a traditional Vanilla cake which is very pleasant white and yellow colored cake with a delicate flavor. It is very fluffy, light, and moist thanks to the help of a few special and delicious ingredients.

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Vanilla Cake

Two Tier Strawberry Cake

It’s an appetizing two-tier strawberry cake. This cake is the wonderful gift for someone who loves strawberry flavor most. Imagine how the delicious two-tier strawberry cake is going to rock the eve!

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Strawberry Cake

Red Velvet Cake Heart Shape

A heart is for love & care and so is the red color. Fed up with the usual ways of expressing love? Try this exclusive and pleasant blend of coffee with red colored frosty layering in heart shape could be a perfect surprise for your loved ones.

Product Contains:

- Half Kg Heart Shape Red Velvet Cake

2 Tier Oreo Cake

2kg 2 tier oreo cake.

Product Contains:

- 2 Kg Oreo Chocolate cake (As per Image)


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