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Flower Delivery Online from MyFlowerApp.com, India’s best Florist

Flowers with their sweet scent and ravishing looks are everyone’s favorite. There is not a single person on this planet who doesn’t like flowers and that’s why flowers are the perfect gift idea for all kinds of special occasions. Flowers are the most easily available and the most popular of all gifts and you are always 100% sure that the gift receiver would appreciate this. So, flower delivery is always the best option when you are thinking about buying a gift for your special folks.

There is a famous quote that reads, “Flowers don’t tell; they show”. This quote means that flowers hold an unfathomable depth of emotions that are stronger than words to convey your feelings of love and care. However hard you try, you can never justify your true feelings of love, respect, and admiration towards your near and dear ones through words. With flowers, things become easier and prettier. Probably, that’s why flowers are offered to gods as well. From the emotions of love to care, respect to appreciation, admiration to “I am Sorry”, “get well soon” to congratulations – there are plenty of moments when flowers are the perfect gifts and that’s a solid reason to stick to these blooms.

At our website, Myflowerapp.com, you will always get the fresh and most stunning flower bouquets and arrangements. For that last-minute decision of sending flowers to month-long preparation for a big occasion, we are here to solve all your gifting requirements with our fresh flower gifts. Be it for your aunt in Noida or your sister in Mumbai – we serve India in lengths and breadths. So, hurry up and check our floral beauties today.

Why would you choose MyFlowerApp for Online Flower Delivery?

There are many online flower shops out there for flower delivery online, but no one can match our products and services. What makes us unique in this highly competitive market is discussed below. You must choose MyFlowerApp.com for flower delivery online for the following reasons:
  • On-Time Flower Delivery - We understand the value behind your order placement – you want to surprise someone dear with fragrant blooms and make him/her feel special. We don’t want to spoil that special moment of joy and love. That’s why we are always extra cautious about timely flower delivery at your doorstep.
  • Quality Flowers - All these elegant and mesmerizing flowers like roses or gerberas are grown extensively on well-maintained farms. Experienced gardeners take care of the flowering plants at every stage so that you can enjoy the result. We also have talented florists who work hard to decorate the flower bouquets and arrangements.
  • Variety of Flowers - From roses to carnations, lilies to tulips, gerberas daisies to orchids – there is a huge variety of flowers that you will find here on our website. These flowers are available in multiple colors like red, pink, green, blue, violet, orange, yellow, etc.
  • Expert Florist with Dedicated Flower Delivery Team - Be it the florist or the one receiving your calls – employees in every department here at Myflowerapp is expert at their work. Our collective goal is a refined customer experience.
  • Easy Payment System - All major credit and debit cards are accepted here to make your life easier.
  • Wide Network of Delivery - We cover 1000+ locations and that means you can reach your friends and relatives staying anywhere in India with a simple click.
  • Frequent offers & discounts - Not only for big occasions like Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Diwali, or Christmas, we run special discounts and offers frequently all through the year. To know about those special offers, you can subscribe to our daily newsletters.

Send Your Love With Our Special Midnight flowers, Early Morning Flower, and Express Delivery Services

One of our many highlights is our impressive flower delivery services. You can send your surprise sealed with love and care at any time of the day. We have midnight, early morning, and express flower delivery services to help you find a perfect turn to your story. On occasions like a birthday, Christmas, or anniversaries, you can select the midnight flower delivery services to send our season's special flower bouquets. For those friends or relatives of yours who love to wake up early, you can opt for an early morning delivery of flowers to wish them on special occasions. Similarly, our express delivery services ensure speedier delivery at your lover’s doorstep.

Surprise Your Special Someone With Same Day Flower Delivery in Just 3 Hours

There can be instances when you have forgotten about a friend's or relative's birthday or you forgot to pick up a nice gift for someone’s anniversary party in the evening. In these cases, our same-day flower delivery services will help you. We guarantee a flower delivery within 3 hours at the mentioned address. Maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or wife is upset with you for some reason and you want to pacify that situation – so in that scenario, you can surprise them with our same-day flower delivery services. Our roses, carnations, or lilies in stunning floral arrangements will save your day for sure. So, without any delay opt for our Same day flower delivery services in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, NOIDA, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, etc.

Make every occasion memorable with gorgeous flowers from Myflowerapp

Special occasions make life worth living – isn’t it? Without these special occasions, life is mundane and dull. When these special days arrive, you need special gifts to decorate this day – right? And what can be more thoughtful than a flower bouquet because flowers convey love, admiration, affection, care, and modesty. Choose from our wide array and send flowers by occasion:

  • Anniversary Flowers Online Delivery - This is the most special day in a couple’s life because on this day they were united forever. Anniversary roses would be the perfect gift for a couple because roses stand for eternal love and romance. An anniversary bouquet of red roses, mixed roses, or roses with lilies sounds heavenly. To enhance the fun, you can also opt for Anniversary Flowers N Chocolates, Anniversary Flowers N Cakes, etc.
  • Birthday Flowers Online Delivery - Birthdays are the most celebrated special occasions. Have a look at our charming and elegant birthday bouquets and place an order online. The birthday roses, daisies, orchids, or lilies will perfectly convey your feelings to the birthday boy/girl. Also, check out the combos of Birthday Flowers N Chocolates or Birthday Flowers N Cakes to add more happiness to this occasion.
  • Appreciation Flowers Online Delivery - Many faces have contributed to your life – isn’t it? Your mom/dad, teacher, the next-door neighbor – in their small and big way they have added happiness to your life and how can you let them know that you appreciate him/her? Send our appreciation flowers and let them know that you remember them humbly.
  • Cheer Up Flowers Online Delivery - There can be millions of reasons to get upset but there is nothing that a flower cannot treat. Cheer up your friend or colleague who is heartbroken with our special “cheer up” flowers.
  • Congratulations Flowers Online Delivery - On occasions like your sibling’s graduation, dad’s new venture, friend’s new promotion, etc. you can choose our congratulations flowers and celebrate the special day.
  • Get Well Soon Flowers Online Delivery - To go and see someone admitted to the hospital is always painful. But you can add a bit of freshness with “get well soon” flowers because flowers have healing properties that will boost the confidence of the patient.
  • I Am Sorry Flowers Online Delivery - Mistakes happen and it's good to accept them and move on. When you realize that you have done something wrong, make a sweet gesture by sending “I am Sorry” flowers to that special person. It won’t dissolve the issue but would start a conversation for sure.
  • Love & Affection Flowers Online Delivery - Love is the most beautiful and sacred feeling in this world that fills your heart with joy and positivity. Only feeling that love is not enough, it is also important to show that affection. Keeping that in mind, we present to you heartwarming “love & affection” flower bouquets that will make your life harmonious for sure.
  • Thank You Flowers Online Delivery - There are plenty of people who deserve a nice “thank you”. That friend or relative who just threw a great party, that colleague who saved you from a massive faux pas at the board meeting, your partner who never forgets to bring your favorite ice cream, etc. If not always, once in a while sending a “thank you” flower arrangement would be a great idea to keep the love and respect alive in your relationships.
  • New Born Flowers Delivery - The arrival of a baby fills the home with joy and laughter. Congratulate the new parents and the family with our impressive new born flowers.
  • Sympathy Flowers Online Delivery - It is tough to move on when a near one passes away. Nothing can ever fill that void really. In that moment of extreme sadness, you must be there for that friend or relative who just lost someone precious. And get sympathy flowers like white lilies or white roses that stand for innocence.

Myflowerapp offers you the widest variety of flowers online

Flowers are the most amazing creation of the Almighty. Each flower is beautiful and holds deep meaning and therefore it is easier to convey a particular message through these fragrant blooms. You can choose a wide variety of flower types online and make your special someone feel loved.

  • Roses Delivery Online - Rose is the most popular flower in the world that has a history of over 5000 years. It never fails to capture the heart. Roses symbolize love, honor, devotion, beauty, wisdom, balance, sensuality, timelessness, and romance. For occasions like an anniversary, birthday, or Valentine’s Day, roses are always the prime choice among people.
  • Carnations Delivery Online - In every ancient culture, there is a theory regarding this flower. For example, in ancient Roman culture it is believed that carnations developed from the teardrops of Mother Mary when Jesus was crucified whereas, in Chinese culture, carnations are used in weddings. This gorgeous flower stands for love, fascination, and distinction. From anniversaries to Mother’s Day, this would be the perfect flower gift.
  • Gerberas Delivery Online - IIt is believed that gerbera daisies have healing properties that can wipe out the sorrows of daily life. The bright petals of this flower instantly perk up the mood. This flower symbolizes happiness, innocence, joy, surprise, and playfulness. Gerbera daisies look best in vase arrangements that you can order from us.
  • Lilies Delivery Online - There is no other flower as elegant as lilies. The big and bright lilies add much beauty to any space and it is quite a famous housewarming gift. Find various colors of lilies here on our website and impress your loved ones. Lilies stand for rebirth, purity, passion, harmony, new beginnings, and royalty and they also help recover heartaches.
  • Orchids Delivery Online - These sweet-smelling cute flowers, Orchids are the largest flower family with 25000 species. Not only as a bouquet and vase arrangement, but this flower is a popular houseplant too as it’s a fuss-free plant. Orchids symbolize royalty, beauty, truthfulness, charm, thoughtfulness, and fertility.
  • Mixed Flowers Delivery Online - For any happy occasion, you can pick up the ravishing and resplendent bouquet of mixed flowers where there will be roses, orchids, gerbera daisies, carnations, etc. in varied colors. These particular bouquets and arrangements of mixed flowers symbolize fun, adventure, faith, and promise.

Order flowers of diverse colors online to express your message of love

Color holds a special place in everyone’s life. From the color of your drawing room wall to the color of your shirt, it sets the mood – right? Every color has some symbolism associated with it and knowing that helps you in choosing the flowers for various people on various occasions. Take a look below and learn about the implication of a variety of colors of flowers and get the best floral gifts from our website for your loved ones.

  • Send Pink Flowers online - The color pink is often associated with females – isn’t it? But when it comes to flowers, pink color represents true and unconditional love, fascination, innocence, charm, happiness, abundance, and gentleness. From birthdays to anniversaries or Mother’s Day, a bouquet of pink flowers would be great.
  • Send Red Flowers Online - Red is the color of passion, pure love, energy, desire, courage, respect, and admiration. Red flowers are mostly associated with anniversary and Valentine’s Day but you can get them for Christmas and New Year too.
  • Send White Flowers Online - In some cultures, white is associated with funeral, sympathy, and recovery while in some other cultures it is used in weddings as a token of new beginnings. White flowers symbolize sacredness, purity, innocence, spirituality, and positivity. As a housewarming gift or to show your sympathy white flowers are the best.
  • Send Yellow Flowers Online - The color of joy, cheerfulness, youth, warmth, fun, and friendship is yellow. Yellow flowers have the power of uplifting the mood, changing the vibe of a space, and converting the energy flow of the house instantly. To greet a farewell, get well soon, or birthday, yellow flowers can be ordered.
  • Send Purple Flowers Online - To express elegance, grace, cleansing, and royalty, purple flowers are the best. Explore our wide array of vase and basket arrangements of purple flowers and buy the best ones for your loved ones today.
  • Send Mixed Flowers online - Mixed flowers arrangement entails the presence of white, red, yellow, green, blue, pink, and all other available variety of flower colors in one gift. This bouquet/arrangement of mixed flowers expresses all shades of love and also symbolizes fun, adventure, and variety in life.

Order Floral Gifts from Myflowerapp for various Festivals Ahead

Festivals make life interesting – isn’t it? During festivals, we meet and greet our old friends, family members, and relatives. This get-together fills our hearts with immense love and joy. These happy feelings wash away all the stress and tensions of regular life and pump us up to face the next challenges. Festivals mean decoration, great food, and memorable gifts. Be it for decoration purposes or for gifting – you can easily opt for our fragrant flowers.

  • Send Christmas Flowers Online - Keeping the theme color of this festival, we have a breathtaking collection of red, white, and green flowers that will intensify the joy of 25th December. Some of these flower arrangements also come with chocolates and candles to suit the vibe of this happy festival.
  • Send New Year Flowers Online - New Year means forgetting the past and welcoming the brand new year with new promises, possibilities, and hope. The majestic flower arrangements in bright colors come with banners saying “happy new year” to add more joy to your celebration.
  • Send Valentine's Day Flowers - The passionate and romantic red flowers in various decorative floral baskets, vase arrangements, and bouquets serve to be the best gifts for your lovers and spouses on 14th February. We also have a heart-shaped arrangement of red roses for this special day of love.
  • Send Women's Day Flowers - Women are the backbone of society. Without their contribution, you won’t be you. In every form be it daughter or mother, friend or wife, she holds, builds, and heals you. Show your admiration, respect, and appreciation for all the special women in your life with a gorgeous Women's Day Gifts such as collection of pink, yellow, violet, or orange color flowers like roses, daisies, orchids, tulips, or lilies.
  • Send Holi Flowers - The celebration of colors is a unique one. It signifies peace, freedom, harmony, joy, and the vivaciousness of life. Our Holi special flowers are also extravagant. Bright colors like yellow, orange, blue, purple, red, etc. have come together in the floral form to add more adventure to your Holi celebration.
  • Send Mother's Day Flowers - Mother’s Day is a popular occasion that is celebrated to recognize the role of mothers in building a better nation at large. Without her guidance, nurture, and scolding, no child can prosper. She knows exactly what a child needs. Even when the whole world is against you, your mother would still trust you and cheer for you. Explore our beautiful collection of Mother’s Day Gifts like carnations, daisies, and roses and greet her.
  • Send Father's Day Flowers - A dad is always the silent hero of your story. He will never let you know the hardships he goes through but will also shower you with the best of this world. Father’s Day is celebrated to thank him for his thoughtfulness and unconditional love toward his children. Explore the smart and classy collection of Father’s Day Gifts like orchids and lilies to show your gratefulness.

Unleash the mesmerizing world of special flower gifts only at Myflowerapp

Whenever you want any special flower delivery online, you know Myflowerapp is the safest place to log in. We have the best blooms in town that will captivate the minds and hearts of your loved ones plus we commit to timely delivery at your doorstep. Flowers are not only simply available in bunches here, our talented florists take care of a classy look too. All the floral gifts here narrate a story of love, care, affection, and perseverance. The variety of special floral gifts is mentioned below:

  • Send Exotic Flowers Online - The dazzling and unique looking exotic flowers fill the mind with brightness and positivity for sure. Anthuriums, gerbera daisies, or Asiatic lilies are the perfect example of exotic flowers that are available here on our website.
  • Vase Arrangement of Flowers - Pretty flowers in a vase add so much beauty to a space – isn’t it? As a office desk or as a drawing room accessory, vase arrangement of flowers are always in demand. We have both glass and metal vases which will add much beauty to someone’s life.
  • Send Flower Basket Online - Our florists know exactly how to whip up a creative decoration for your special day. Take a look at our flower basket options and place an order soon. These cane baskets adorned with flowers look drop dead gorgeous.
  • Flower Bouquet Online - The classic way of presenting flowers is a bouquet and our florists can never go wrong with that. Fancy colorful papers, jute, raffia knots, etc. are used to make bouquets. Roses, lilies, tulips, and other flowers look exquisite in these bouquets that will impress your friends and relatives on special occasions.
  • Precious Flowers - This category comprises of those extravagant bouquets of flowers that one simply cannot put down. Explore this wide collection of precious flowers to express your deep seated love for your special someone gracefully.

Don’t miss to order our stunning flower combos

Add more love and fun to your gift with our flower combos. From teddy bears to cakes, there are plenty of things that are combined with these amazing flowers. Take a look below and order the best flower combos for your near and dear ones.

  • Send Flowers with Cakes Online - This combo is like Romeo & Juliet – you cannot separate them! Flowers and cakes form a classic gift combo that is loved by people of all cultures, ages, and generations. Its popularity is never going to be erased. Find the tastiest chocolate truffle, pineapple, vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry, mango, black forest, or almond cake alongside fresh flowers here on our website for your loved ones.
  • Send Flowers with Chocolates Online - Chocolate is a sign of forever love and everyone from 8 to 80 loves it. Explore our wide collection of chocolates like Dairy Milk, Toblerone, Hershey’s, Ferrero Rocher, etc. which are smartly combined with graceful flowers. As a birthday or anniversary present, this combo is a superhit.
  • Send Flowers with Teddy Online - The cute and cuddly teddy bears have a popular fan base. Various shapes, sizes, and colors are available for these teddy bears and they are beautifully combined with flowers to make a sweet appeal. On Teddy Day or someone's birthday, you can gift this combo.
  • Send Flowers with Sweets Online - Who doesn’t love to dive into the boxes of sweets? None of our Indian festivals is ever complete without sweets like Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, Motichoor Laddoo, Kaju Katli, etc. So, be it Holi, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, or housewarming or birthday, you can easily bring this combo of flowers and sweets to greet your loved ones.
  • Send Flowers with Dry Fruits Online - Dry fruits like almonds, raisins, cashew nuts, and pistachios are combined with beautiful flowers to make a power-packed gift combo. Eid, Diwali, Christmas, or birthdays would be the best occasions to present this sophisticated flowers and dry fruits combo.
  • Send Flowers with Fresh Fruits Online - For festivals like Eid or Diwali, you can opt for this elegant flowers and fresh fruits combo. You will get fresh seasonal fruits along with bright blooms. This combo signifies good health, nutrition, and peace.
  • Send Flowers with Greeting Card Online - Simple, straightforward, yet classy is the definition of this combo. Birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, New Year, or Christmas, we have eye-catching greeting cards for all special days marked in your calendar. Alongside flowers, they make a great appearance.

At MyFlowerApp you will find flowers for every budget

The best feature about Myflowerapp is that we have a nice floral gift for every budget type. A flower is the most beautiful object on this earth and it is valued everywhere. From temple to wedding decoration, the need for flowers is massive. Plus, it is a great gift because it speaks thousands of emotions that words can never portray. When it is the month-end and you don’t want to spend much on a gift, we can still offer you a great gift that will have an everlasting effect on the minds of your loved ones. Look at the price classification below and order your flower gift at your comfortable price. Under INR 600, INR 600 to INR 999, INR 1000 to INR 1999, Above INR 2000.


What is MyFlowerApp?
MyFlowerApp is your solution to all gifting requirements. It is an online gift store where you will find plenty of gift options like flowers, cakes, chocolates, personalized items, plants, etc. From birthdays to graduation parties, anniversaries to Valentine’s Day celebrations, Holi to Diwali – our gifts are always ready to make your loved ones happier.
What types of flowers are available at Myflowerapp?
At Myflowerapp, we have an extensive collection of roses, lilies, gerbera daisies, anthuriums, tulips, orchids, and carnations in multiple colors.
How authentic is Myflowerapp?
Of course Myflowerapp is 100% authentic. Right from a secure payment gateway to delivery of the best quality products at the mentioned address, we are genuine. Our only goal is customer satisfaction and thus you can trust us completely.
How to cancel an order on MyFlowerapp after placing the order?
There can be three situations of order cancellation cases and they are discussed below: -
  • In case you have placed the order much before the delivery date but something changed in your mind and you want to cancel the order.
  • In case you want to cancel a “same-day delivery” order.
  • In case you want to cancel an order that has already been packed and is ready for shipment.
For all these “order cancellation” cases, you can simply e-mail us at info@MyFlowerApp.com or get in touch with us on live chat. Your amount will be refunded in the same source (as was paid) within 5-6 business days for the first two cases. For the last case, your amount will be refunded in your Myflowerapp wallet that you can use for future purchases.
In how many cities MyFlowerApp is serviceable?

Myflowerapp is serviceable in 1000+ cities across the length and breadth of India. To know about all those cities in detail, you can check this link : - https://www.myflowerapp.com/gift-all-cities.

After selecting a desired product on our website you can check the serviceability yourself by inserting your PIN Code.

How to place an order for flowers with MyFlowerApp Florist?
There are multiple choices of flowers for you to pick up the best ones for your loved ones. Now, check the process of order placement with Myflowerapp below: -
  • Choose the flower gift that you would like to send your loved ones.
  • Check “add ons” if you want and then put your PIN Code.
  • Select the delivery type – same-day delivery, early morning delivery, standard time delivery, midnight delivery, free delivery, or fixed time delivery.
  • Then choose your preferred time slot.
  • Now click on “Buy Now” option.
  • At this stage, you will be prompted for “continue shopping”, press that button in case you want to add more gifts to your order.
  • Click “place order” button if you are ok with what you have selected so far.
  • You will now be forwarded to “pay now”.
  • Now you have to select a payment mode and complete payment on a secured payment gateway.
Is it reliable to order flowers gifts online with my credit card credential?
Yes, it is absolutely reliable to order flower gifts online with your credit card credentials.
How to send flowers to someone in India from the USA?
We currently are not serving any international location.
How much do flowers cost?
Flowers at Myflowerapp come in various price ranges to suit everyone’s budget. So, you will find flowers under INR 600, INR 600 – INR 999, INR 1000 – INR 1999, above INR 2000.
Is the delivery possible on holiday in India?
Myflowerapp works on all days including Sundays and national holidays but we won’t be able to serve during uncontrollable situations like strike or bad weather.
Can I change/cancel my flower delivery order once it is confirmed?
In case you want to change/cancel your confirmed order, you can contact us within 24 hours at info@myflowerapp.com. But in case your order has been shipped, we are sorry to inform that we cannot make any modifications or cancel it. If your order is in the stage to be cancelled, then the refund will be done in the same source within 5-6 business days.
Can I send flowers to India in multiple orders to the same destination?
Yes, you can.
Are there any hidden charges for flower gift delivery in India?
No. There are no hidden charges for flower gift delivery anywhere in India. The price that you see listed for all the items are all-inclusive. But yes, delivery charges would be applicable depending on location and other parameters.
How can I order flowers online?
You can order flowers online by following the steps mentioned below: -
  • Choose the flower gift that you would like to send your loved ones.
  • Check “add ons” if you want and then put your PIN Code.
  • Select the delivery type – same-day delivery, early morning delivery, standard time delivery, midnight delivery, free delivery, or fixed time delivery.
  • Then choose your preferred time slot.
  • Now click on “Buy Now” option.
  • At this stage, you will be prompted for “continue shopping”, press that button in case you want to add more gifts to your order.
  • Click “place order” button if you are ok with what you have selected so far.
  • You will now be forwarded to “pay now”.
  • Now you have to select a payment mode and complete payment on a secured payment gateway.
How can I send flowers Online to another city?
Once you have selected the desired product on our website, you can put the PIN Code and check if it is serviceable and then proceed with order placement.
How much does flower delivery cost?
At Myflowerapp you will find flowers of all price ranges – INR 600, INR 600 – INR 999, INR 1000 – INR 1999, above INR 2000. In case you select special delivery services like early morning, same-day, or midnight delivery then an extra delivery charge will be incurred.
What happens if flowers are delivered and no one is at home?

In cases when the gift receiver is not at home, the following would happen: -

Generally, we do not re-attempt delivery. We will call the sender and receiver both and ask if we can deliver the order to any neighbor or any nearby place.

In case the above solution doesn’t take place, there will be order cancellation without refund as flower is a perishable product.

How can I send flowers online on the same day?
As you select the product and check PIN Code for serviceability, you will be asked what kind of delivery you want. It is then you select same-day delivery and proceed with order placement.
How can I buy flowers online at a discount?
We do offer discount on bulk orders and to know about discount you can write to us at info@MyflowerApp.com. Also, you can sign up with your e-mail id and receive daily newsletters where you can know more about exclusive offers and discounts.

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